Doubt on the base. Share opinions please!

Hello everyone
I have a big doubt about how to re-update my initial island . I’m lv 132 with all current towers (11 in total) at lv31 / 32. ( Lightning, Mages, Flaks, Fire/Ice Turret).
I was thinking of building it this way (FIRST SCREENSHOT): I do not have enough Elemental Embers to build and improve a second Dark Flak (for now I have 1 Dark F. 1 Fire F. and the future Ice Flak on 1st Perch island and I have enough embers to improve these 3, not over). So on the long island I will put the Trebuchet (to stun the dragon) + Ice Turret (for now on the island with the Perch, waiting for the Ice Flak) + Fire Turret + Dark Totem (the latter I would put behind the farms. In this way I would have Kaiju(dark element) on the Perch and a Dark Totem, all to heavily weaken Necryx, being my base entirely of elemental towers.
I would very much appreciate any kind of opinion / criticism / advice (arguing your answers by courtesy) on how to “rebuild” the initial long island !! Thanks a lot in advance and I hope I explained myself.

SECOND SCREENSHOT.This was the initial idea of the future long island (always waiting for the Ice Flak, to move the Ice Turret from Perch Island to Long Island). But in fact I was thinking of replacing the 2 Lightning (with runes attached) with Trebuchet ( i love stun effects,ofc a Dark Flak is better but i havent enough Embers to improve 4 Flaks) + Dark Totem or Cannon.

PS. I have a rage drain island (5 mage towers lv11) in front of the Perch Island.
Obviously my base is designed to be defended :slight_smile:

Why so many elemental ember towers? And no storm?
Coach has a pretty comprehensive guide to base layouts! I included the link here.

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I’m a little confused on what u are describing. Perhaps showing your base using this map generator will help:

Also, your towers are too low for your level. They should be 37. So you’re 5-6 levels short. That’s a whole lot of fire-power you don’t have. Focus on building up, not more towers that are useless (like treb).

i will focus on my killer island( Perch’s island). It will be Ice flak +Dark Flak + Fire Flak + blue/red mages.
Right now its Ice turret + fire/dark flak + mages. When Ice Flak will come out, ill move my Ice Turret and repalce it with Ice Flak ofc.
My initial long island will be like the 2nd Screenshot.
On my long-mid island i will build 10 mage towers ( low lv ofc, maybe lv10) so i can drain rage :slight_smile: Right now there are only 6 mage lv10.
I already abandoned the idea of building a trebuchet XD

GRUMPYBIGBIRD, give me the money to buy packs and open gold chests ,so i can upgrade until lv37 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Total mages that can be placed in a base is 10. If you have 10 mages for rage drain, i wonder what your kill island will have :thinking:

oh really ? 5 blue and 5 red are the maximum I can have? I thought they would increase in number as the level increased, as the others towers :(((((
Anyway, my base will be this. Any advice ?? Keep in mind that the Storm Turret (Most likely) will be replaced by the future Ice Flak !! All the current turrets are lv 31/32. Legendary Warrior on Perch ( during events or without wars) and a Legendary Sorcerer during wars only.
The base is designed to have defenders (during wars ofc)

Don’t replace the storm with ice… storms are useful.

i will replace the Storm with the future Ice Flak :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
If defended, no 1 dragons can pass buahahahha :smile:

I’ll take that challenge :joy:

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I can take it too, level 67 xD

come to pappa and cry XD

when you replace storm with ice flak, i will come surely.

Lol gain 300 levels to make it more fun first

Hey Mikes
you are high level eh?
Well, you’re high-level and you’re probably rich, how about gift me a good pack :blush: ?
share a little piece of your wealth with me that I’m poor :frowning:
Im AlienoDio in-game

No I’m not high level… high enough though. Been in diamond for 2 years so that helps alot with progressing faster than those in lower tiers.

can i come in your Diamond team pls ??

Lol not my decision to make. But I’ll still say no


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