Downsizing number of flaks

Hello folks!
Currently a lvl 217 who mistakenly built 4 flaks, but looking to downsize to 3.
My kill island (first perch island) set up is as follows:
Front: DF (lvl 51), IF (lvl 51)
Middle: RM (lvl 45)
Back: EF (lvl 46), BM (lvl 50)

Other towers:
x1 lvl 46 fire flak
x4 lvl 50 farms/lumber mills
x1 lvl 46 storm tower

I recently came back to WD from a long hiatus so I’m hoping to set my kill island to be its most optimum yet. I’m working on crafting elite fire defense gear in the meantime to prepare for when I breed Stormheim, which should be in the first breeding event of next season.

Thanks for the help!

Depends on how fast you can breed, and get enough timers.

Still, for now, forget about merging but don’t touch the 4th flak at all.

Focus on kill island, until you can get Harb hut.
Then the merging can be discussed at the point :wink:


I’m like 95% sure stormbeans is dark element

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Ah, didn’t catch that! Thanks! I’ll work on that gear immediately

Thank you!

Just a tip. If you want a growing perched dragon, grab a mythic seasonal warrior. Otherwise, keep the perch, and grow the towers instead.


Transform spare flak into lightning tower

I’d rather stand with Morreion. Store the extra flak, focus on the three others and your main towers. You can always decide later what to do with the other extra flak.


or you can just use the fire gear on mehaten, depends how far along you are on your fire gear and how much you want to invest into leveling your perch(es).


This seems like a much smarter plan tbh, switching from Mehaten to Stormheim will do pretty much nothing except cost resources.


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