Drachen lvl Event / Dragon lvl Event

Hallo liebe Mitspieler und Mitspielerin,
ich hab zu diesen Event mit dem Support geschrieben ob man die Ep Tränke auch zum Ep transferieren benutzen kann. Der Mitarbeiter vom Support hat dann gemeint ich sollte euch fragen was ihr davon haltet. Ich hab mich nämlich ziemlich geärgert, da die Übersetzungen nicht immer so korrekt rüber kommen. Als ich gemerkt habe das die Ep Tränke nicht dazu zählen.
Ich bitte um eure Meinung dazu wollt ihr es oder wollt ihr es nicht das es eingeführt wird, das wenn man die Ep tränke transferiert auch Punkte geben.

LG. Chris430 und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr

Dear players,

I talked to the support about the actually event. It’s about the possibility to use the EP potions as EP transfer too. The support told me to ask the other player too about their opinion. I was really angry about the incorrect translation when I saw that the potions were not part of the event.
So please give me a feedback with your opinion if the transfer with the EP potions should give some points in the event, or not.

Nice greetings, Chris430. I also wish everybody a happy new year

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XP Potion = Apply XP
Expert dragon to Other dragon using rubies = Transfer XP
Purchase XP using rubies = Buy XP

Basically, the XP must be transferred using rubies.

I understand it, my question is:
So please give me a feedback with your opinion if the transfer with the EP potions should give some points in the event, or not.

Hmm, I think it should. Even if it’s like for every 14 xp applied you get 1 point. Not 14xp potions, but 14 xp for 1 point.

while that may be good, if you are a huge spender, you can probably spam your way to top 1 global rank just using XP Potion.

400k XP Potion gives out 28,571 if we do that 14 xp / 1 point.

If I purchased the $99 pack and opened 6x 10 gold chest and luckily get like 30+ 400k XP Potion, that’s already 857,130 points.

For me, I think I am going to stick with the regular one where I have to do XP run and farm food to gain points or at least anything that requires doing XP runs.

but, that’s just my personal opinion.

But we also get points for feeding perches. The 14-1 was just an example. And I’m not really worried about huge spenders because they are going to get to the top regardless.

well, perches is only limited for 4 feed per perch and then you can do it again after a few time and uses food resources depending on the tier of the dragon and level of the perch building.

If the league is on the higher one, yeah, its okay. but for the lower league, there are already others who thinks it is unfair that a level 200 players is sitting on the gold league or silver league stomping the event.

but yeah, if they are going to include XP Potion in the event, the ratio of Points per XP used should be higher where you still need to do XP runs to gain most of the points.

Actually you can fully feed your perches, swap Dragons on the perches, then feed it again. If you have two Dragons you can swap without harming your defence on your perch it’s a nice little trick to eat more food you have in extra for points. You can use it once a day, but that’s already something :wink:

yeah forgot about that one which you can do once every 24 hours or every time you have enough speed ups to upgrade it and place and feed it again.

But it depends on Roster! If you have a legendary dragon of same tier, feeding epic dragon and swapping is kinda useless. My epic was taking 10k food but legendary takes 18.2k food. Considering you can feed every 15 minutes, there is no point in changing sometimes

I don’t support the OP’s idea of getting points for using potions.

In this case epic :arrow_right: legendary seems ideal, but if you have a various roster it’s still good :grin:

That would be best. I did it on first day and now Its Amarok all the way.

Hello everybody,
I think that it would be a logical consequence to include the potions. They can be farmed just like food or wood too.

Nice greetings

You can just feed your dragon 4 times, unassign it, immediately reassign it, than feed it another 4 times


You can feed the dragon on the perch again anyway about every 7-8 minutes. I don’t see the point of the dragon swapping.

3 resources gifts sent and you’re still under attack with a fair amount of resources in store. 200k food or more can be saved that way, that’s already something. Or you need to log out for a while and no one is online to receive resources. It’s a situational but nice trick.

You know when support says hey take it to the forums… that’s basically dismissing you. They have no intention to deal with that level of idiocrisy and will let others verbally abuse you for your cry for free stuff…

Again the game is not meant for everyone to get everything every event. Who wants to play a game any one can win. There are no participation trophies in life, stop trying to break my digital world by pushing for them here

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I agree with the OP. I think potions should count towards points for the event. It’s just logical.

I don’t think they should. The result will be that Pg will scale the prize tiers more. Adding essentially a whole resource will devalue what we have already. So you’ll actually get less points per food. And for many of us, we run the feed event from our perches. XP means little.

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