Draco Dragon can hit the highest level towers above level 50. Must read and see!


This player hit all highest level players in war dragons game. He could hit our level 300 with his draco dragon while he is lvl 22 only. I attach the replay video screenshots for you! I hope Admin should ban this player

as soon as possible. This player must have hacked the game.


Did you report in game? They don’t like people being named and shamed on here.

Also if you haven’t already maybe mail the leader of that team to say that Draco clearing a level 300 base is clearly a hack etc. There is a slim chance the leader doesn’t realise he’s hacking


Never underestimate Draco! I see nothing suspicious here lol


My Draco got last seat when powers were given out, this one got first it seems :joy:


Dragon Steroids…


He’s a 55 now with ROK so watchout


Clearly a hack, look how he is rounding the corner and boom instant kill and 100% destruction




If you have concerns about a player, please message our support team or PM me about them. Please do not shame on here.


fine, spoil our fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pretty sure they have no shame…



Whether they do or not, we should avoid calling people out publicly.

@MYusuf0418, if you want this player looked into, you need to PM me or contact support at support.wardragons.com about this.