Draconic Chest chances

So I was looking and the draconic chest sequencing thread was closed. I am a low level player and was able to get 96 draconic chests this season. I am wanting to get hueso from the chests and I was wondering what my chances were. Any advice on where/if to park them is also welcome.I currently have enough shards to get nebbie to saphire and Azrael to obsidian tier.I was also wondering if it would be beneficial if PG reset the drop rates at the start of a new season. As I do not currently have a lot of shards like some higher players might, this is of course up to preference

There are your chances for Draconic chests. Go to the Draconic Chests Data tab.

In the future, you can access it and get updates on changes here.


Ah thank you I didn’t see the that


One more thing to pay attention to.

You can only receive shards of the old festive dragons you already own.

So, if you have Hueso already, even just 1 shard, there is a chance to get more shards to level him up.

There is always the chance to get the newest one’s shards from the chests.

I have no idea what you just said.

If I didn’t have Hueso before, not a single shard, I can still get his shards and therefore his egg from the chests. You get the egg when you get the first shard.


Not true last season. It gave me a Hueso egg when I opened at the start of the season.


This is incorrect.


@PGGalileo please take note of this? I think there’s enough of us who love our Festives but need another way to collect their leveling tokens… PLEASE

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