Draconic Chest Festive Shards

I see a lot of people on the forums saying stuff like “Why do i get Hueso shards from drac chests when i don’t even want him?”. Well i think that there should be a way to select which dragon shards a player wants. If they open up the drac chest button, there should be a way to select, say, Nebulon shards. If a player would select Nebulon shards then they would only get Nebby’s shards and no other festive shards. And if it is not the festive dragon’s season, for example next season: Celestial Rift, people should be able to select the dragon that they want shards for but the shards for Nebby and Hueso would still drop less frequently compared to other prizes.

I hope i worded that well and that people can understand my suggestion lol.

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I like things how they are. Saving all my chest for next season and the whole point of opening chest is getting something random. Somethings help, others don’t just how the game is. I do wish they would drop shards from bronze chest since we can already get enough from atlas and rider branch if you chose that.

Or just change it over to generic festive shards that can be used on any present or future festive just like we have for atlas riders