Draconic chests/Divine dragons

I am someone that spends money in this game.
While I appreciate the egg drops for the Divine dragons you are putting out, what I don’t appreciate is the fact that they are forced on us by putting out draconic shards for each of them and using my money where I have not wanted to spend. I spend money on Draconic chests because there are in-game resources I want, like the Energy packs that don’t seem to be dropping much these days.

So my suggestion is: go ahead and give us the eggs of the Divine dragons you are wanting out by dropping them in a draconic chest, but then give us a link to see the Divine in action and then give the option to buy the shards for that dragon in the Season tabs or, better yet, make a divine area in the STORE where we can purchase them.

I currently have Pezizo……I don’t want him, don’t like him and I can’t even fly him, and have taken out of my roster, but yet opening the 20 chests I purchased….6 of them were for Pezizo.

Please make a change so we all don’t feel cheated when we open draconic chests. There are 2 you put out, I hatched, LOVE THEM……but don’t get drops in the chests anymore. It is very frustrating and disheartening to open the chests and see those shards.

Please just put them for purchase in the store. I know I would buy them from there, for the dragons I want.


I feel the same on this

They should just go back to leveling festives with stones. The festives are never good anyway. I’d be fine if they upped the line to 19k and gave us all of the stones like they had for Pyrrot and Tiallos. The shard idea was ok in the beginning but they made it pretty pointless now that the dragons only go one tier past when they came out.

Also it is a pretty big issue that it now costs so many shards to level new ones that the 600 draconic chests from the line wont even provide enough shards to max 1 of them. This completely defeats the original design of being able to get better drops once you’ve collected enough shards to max the dragons because you never will.


If they give copycats of hauheset that goes upto higher tier as festive dragons, then I’d always have fun flying them.

Doesn’t matter how slow, as long as it can 100% any base against 3D.

It’ll be a good means of cajolement to harass high level players even when you are considerably at a much lower level with enough practice. :grin:

That’s point- now there are so many shard dragons, but if you want to max out a particular one you like, it’s impossible…

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Exactly, impossible for the ones you want and unfair to drop on dragons we don’t want. This change is annoying at best, stealing our money at worst.

…I mean PG isn’t forcing you to spend your money.
Personally, I think that Festives should just be a one season kind of thing, one festive dragon per season. Only getting the current festive dragon from Drac chests during weeks 12-13 of the ongoing season and weeks 1-11 of the next.

I would have to disagree with this one, mythic dragons would probably be better value to spend for players if this happened. Probably poor payout for PG compared to the effort needed to make this happen.

:point_up_2: This is why Nebulon and Hueso got removed so max tier would probably be the one the festive ended on if buying festives becomes a thing

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There’s another post in General Discussion going over draconic chests. Essentially the shard payout rate is a scam/money sink. To max out Pezizo or any festive dragon (who are typically supposed to be fun and not OP or anything by nature) costs more than 93k sigils… the festive dragon/branch needs to be reworked. Like this is very serious…

Easy solution, take all shards out of draconics. In the Festive line have shards up to harbinger as previous then make repeating drac node accessible, also if you choose you can go to page 2 of the line and level up your festive to current tier if you choose. If you don’t like the dragon you can just stop at harby and use it for assault or dungeons. If you do like it you can take it to whatever level you want it. The shard system has polluted the economy.


That’s actually not a bad idea! I like it. Although I do like getting old dragons as well. I’m a newer player so it provides a great experience getting a couple new dragons at the end of the season. Also I get the impression the festive dragon/branch should be fun and replenish the player base’s resources. I may be one of the few though. I feel like they just simply need to recalibrate shard payout so that you knock the dragons out of the way and focus on resources. Just seems so simple of a fix to me.

The only possible downside would be the chance for PG to increase the total cost of festive branch upto the cost of a full branch.

I’d very much prefer this if there’s a guarantee its branch cost will not increase even if one decides to finish the entire branch.

Agee with both of those, also could let you buy or trade shards in the trading post, that would actually be useful for some or instead of choosing evolution of the current festive dragon in the line you could also choose to get shards from others (kind of like the champion rider line). So I could get 50 Hueso shards or 50 Nebulon Shards or X amount of new Festive dragon shards. Or none at all if I didn’t want or need them. They already have code for this so it wouldnt be a reach. Make it 19K sigils to get to harbinger and repeating draconics, then bonus line of “choose your shards for sigils”. Would significantly increase value of draconics and encourage people to spend on them for the PG side and increase resources for players in a more expensive game economy. I really like several of the festives and they are my go to in many assault and dungeon tiers. Still fun to have a new dragon even if its only used sometimes, unless it’s hot garbage like the last festive.


Oof yeah I agree :raised_hands:

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