Draconic chests (Dragon foucused)

Can the draconic chest be more dragon focused, like increasing the percentage for that a bit more. After all it is for dragons. I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, let me know!

I feel like the Draconic Chests are good the way they are, apart from the possible dilution in the future, which will hopefully be resolved before it becomes a major issue.

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The non dragon shards are the best parts of the chest.
When it comes to chests stop looking at individual drops and look at the whole


It’s not, it’s really REALLY not. Frankly festive dragons arent worth getting for the dragon itself, almost all are crap and not at all worth the cost. The festive line is worth getting for the repeatable draconic chests and you want those for the non-dragon shard drops, namely the pvp items, the timers and the mystic fragments. You need to open them in large amounts to be guaranteed good drop amounts. In the process you’ll also get shards for the dragons that you can use or ignore.

What they need to do is stop with these unique dragon shards and switch over to generic festive shards. The way it is now is just a bad design.


To be fare nebulon is a beast , unfortunately last season it only couldn’t be leveled to current teir that was disappointing hopefully he goes up this season as previously mentioned by pg & yes took about 400 draconics to get him maxed but dang u got some prizes along the way 1.4K mythic frags as a example sometimes the festive is the diamond in the ruff

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I’m sure its obvious, even to PG, that the entire concept is broken and that it can’t scale. Its bad enough with 2 festive dragon. Can you imagine 10? You’d have a 1 in 10 chance of getting the shard you need when a shard drops, or the chest would have to drop shards 10 times more often, nine of which most players wouldn’t care about.

They should have made the shard universally applicable to any festive.


Joe ure 100% correct make it a universal shard simple but I think that will be to easy a fix

What about converting hueso shards to nebulon or vise versa. Because once it is maxed what are you going to use the shards for?

You’re not gonna have shards to use - the game automatically recognises when you have enough shards to max the dragons and stops dropping them


That is better than not doing it, but you realize that its still pretty broken, right?

Best case, it forces you to get dragons you wanted to skip, but worse, it really screws over new players.

Two years from now when there are 10 of these, it will be next to impossible for a new player (or any player that skipped previous dragons) to get the the current dragon … or really any dragon. Since evenly distributed shards means all 10 dragons will be completing at the same time, it will take 10 times the number of chests to max a dragon (at which time you get all 10, of which 9 will be obsolete).

It simply doesn’t scale. They should fix it sooner rather than later. First thing to do once you realize you are in a hole is to stop digging.

I didn’t disagree with generic festive shards being a better way to go - I was simply correcting a misconception.

This is very true, even if mid-drop. I got 13 from a mythic drop finishing Nebulon, such a waste of a mythic drop :sob:


Was 22 for me, but yes that hurts a little :see_no_evil:


280 Draconic chests and no mythic drop for Nebby. Looks like he’ll be stuck in Eldritch (when I make it there).

I got 6 🥲

Maybe slightly off topic but did gal or someone else mention whether or not there will be a lower limit when it comes to obtaining the chests at the end of the line?

On topic: I think the way the chest works rn is okay, but when there are too many festives the way shards work needs to be changed. Otherwise, like others pointed out, you wont even get the dragon you want lmao - just please dont increase the drop %of shards but rather the quantity

Limit should be the same


I heard somewhere they where dropping the limit as 600 draconics roughly pg didn’t like the ability to stack that many for next season

That was back when they dropped it to 100 last season, he specifically said it is staying the same at 600 this season


I would suggest (for my own good) the opposite, removing them :smile: