Draconic chests: Replacing mystic fragments with equivalent amount of breeding tokens

Dragon Lords,

Update from the team: Since the introduction of the new lineage dragon breeding mechanic with Artisan tier, the utility of mystic fragments has declined for many players (though has not evaporated). Many players have found they are stockpiling mystic fragments with little ability to use them.

In addition to addressing this by adding fragment->breeding token trade-ins in the Trading Post, we will also be removing them from draconic chest drops starting on Wednesday and replacing them with an equivalent breeding token amount.

What does this mean in practical terms? A mystic fragment is roughly equivalent to 200 breeding tokens. For every mystic fragment we remove, we will be adding 200 breeding tokens (expressed as expected value of a chest). Current draconics have a drop rate of about 2.4 mystic fragments per chest. Therefore we are increasing the expected value of breeding tokens per draconic chest by approximately 480. Other RSS drop rates increase slightly as well.

We feel this reflects a simplification of the chest and alleviates stockpiling of a resource that has reduced utility, while keeping an equivalent value of the chest.


Well this sucks for breeding points. Not too happy about this.

In a world of countless red flipping rider shards that still exist (much in excess,) we pick this issue to address? :thinking::roll_eyes:

But, if a frag is 400 event points, shouldn’t it be precisely worth 400 tokens?

So at 2.4x whatever magician math you speak of-- that should be 960 added to whichever drops you’re doing that aren’t explained (as ZDG asked)?


Edit: nevermind I read it wrong lol

I don’t’ hate the change. But I do agree that this actually does remove a common source of easy points for breeding event. MOST players have not bred every dragon in the game. Only a fully maxed roster would fully benefit from it.


Very nice change tbh. Ty

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But how is this actually going to work in real drop amounts, not predicted drops per chest?
Currently the drops in draconics are:
Egg tokens: 1200 epic drop, 3000 legendary drop, 9000 mythic drop
Mystic frags: 60 legendary drop, 200 mythic drop

So if each mystic is being valued at 200 eggs, does that mean the 60 mystic legendary drops turns into a 12000 egg token drop and the 200 mythic drop turns into a 40k egg token drop instead? Are these separate drops or are they combining with the old egg token drops (9k + 40k = 49k mythic egg tokend drop)

Will egg token values be increased for breeding events since as Scin said, mystics are worth 400 points each in the event which means we’re losing half of the points we were previously getting for those mystics.

It would be helpful to get actual drop amounts rather than predicted values since PG usually tends to use some pretty poor math and undercut things


New token drop values are:

2000 @ ~9.5% drop rate
7600 @ ~5.3% drop rate
16000@ ~1.2% drop rate

Total expected value per chest of around 790, old expected value per chest around 305


Breeding event points aren’t being revisited at this moment since we are still keeping mystic fragments in the game at this juncture across other sources. This move is singular for now and intended to stop the growing accumulation of fragments that many players have less use for.

If we end up revisiting fragments again we will need to look at breeding points yes

Well, I’m not real happy about this. If they kept the regular token drops in and, as stated above, replaced the frags with x 400 tokens, then it would make sense.
As this stands it just seems like another rip off. Many people find breeding the toughest even to get points and the event prizes already suck….so unless I am misunderstanding, this is a big step backwards in my mind.
Anyone that isn’t end game does not have an extra stock pile of frags…I don’t believe anyways.


Why dont you just leave as is and just have a way to convert them to eggs if players want to do so?

So players can play WD their way?

Really not a fan of losing 50% of my breeding scores.

Another net nerf for players with no flexibility.

( note : I have all dragons and don’t like the way this change is being implemented )


An exchange that takes away half the event points gained from a resource cannot fairly be described as roughly equivalent. Please reconsider?


This change is absurd, as stated above just make it so we can exchange fragments if we like for that amount.
What the real reason here is, is to choke hold those that don’t spend thousands on this game every month and put an even larger divide between big spenders and elite to play players.


I think this would work perfectly with a Permanent trading post (Extra tab inside of Forge or something?) to convert several resources types to others. Mystic Frags, Black Pearls, Embers, tokens, etc. That way we can make use of all the resources that each individual player has too much of.


Except you are eliminating the single largest source of mystic fragments without adjusting for that point loss. So for us this is quite a big nerf to the breeding event which already has pretty poor prizes.
Like DangerZone said, it would be better if instead you gave us a way to always convert our mystics into egg tokens but taking the choice away from us and cutting the event value of our rss is not a good approach.

Yes, having the limited uses of mystics is bad at endgame so being able to exchange those mystics would be good. However some of us could choose to breed a whole dragon with our mystics for points and save our eggs for later. It’s not exactly like we’ve gotten one of these breeding tiers where all 4 (or even more than 1) of the evolving lineage dragons were worth taking to mythic anyway.


Besides a bit of breeding points this is beneficial in every way. You’ll get more inner-fires, energy packs, egg tokens, etc.
If you have all max dragons than shards aren’t useful at all really. They’re way less efficient than eggs for breeding, and even more so for research.

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And we realize again… PG‘s way to calculate is different :joy::joy:


What about the utility for all the other RSS :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 16,000 XP boosts. Surley these can be taken out of Draconics by now,?

I have almost 30,000 HP potions surely these can also be removed as a drop once you have more than 15,000 ?

I have 5000 x 5 star rider mission tokens which I can’t use. Red rider shards I cant use etc.

The utility of fragments is the breed event for points!


Would be nice to also do this for other resources that fit this standard. Pearls, red rider shards etc.

Would really like to see a permanent trading post in game (I’d get rid of sigils in it) and just allow players to exchange items maybe like one item exchange a day for x limit or whatever even. It’s such a want by the community :hugs: maybe for Christmas if we all be good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In resources, this is a massive improvement. For anyone not endgame, this means a lot more progression (since mystic fragments at lower tier are often worth less than 100 tokens progression-wise), and at end-game it means you get a lot more secondary eggs which you lose out on when using frags, so basically a bunch of free research.

It does mean a drop in event points, true, which isn’t awesome. But personally, I feel the boost in actual progression is a fair trade-off. Prizes in breed are by far the lowest of any event anyway, it’s not the biggest impact if you get one prize less, but a lot more growth.


Is this correct?

  • Quantity looks low

The current blue drop is 200 mystics or 9,000 egg tokens.

If 200 mystics is now worth 40,000 eggs then how does the new maths work? ( 1 mystic = 200 eggs )

By my calculations a blue egg drop should now be 24,500 eggs. ( 9,000 + 40,000 ) / 2

But you are saying that the drop is now valued at 16,000 eggs.

What happened to the other 8,500 eggs?

  • Drop percentage also looks low.

Eggs and fragments drop at 0.714% each. Combined 1.4%

Why is the new drop only 1.2% ?

  • Net effect on draconics

If I open up all 600 draconics this will be almost 62,900 eggs delta.

And if the next tier is even more expensive then this just feels like the wrong move.

  • Net effect on points

This is a big nerf to breed scores.

200 mystic drop is worth 80,000 event points.

The egg equivalent is worth 40,000 points. ( but probably less since drop percentage and drop is reduced )

Given players get 1,617 fragments from draconics 600 in the line and 50 draconics in prizes then this is a 320,000 points nerf.

Thats alot of points :frowning:


Maybe that will be next :blush:

I also think the change will help out a lot of players catch up in breeding and stuff. So that’s a bonus. Players can still get MF in gold’s and stuff for points. (tho yes it won’t be as easy for some to make out the event). I think it has more pro’s then cons