Draconic chests

Hi I hope u are all doing well
I had a question on draconic chests have the drops changed because I opened 10 and got him to platinum last season I opened 10 today and got only 2 shards will the festive be the same ?
And will they cost the same price and will they still have the same stuff in them ?

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The drop rate changes depending on where in the sequence you are at
The price should remain the same


So because I had him at nothing I was getting more shards but now because I have got him far it’s harder to get them ?

U cant alway get the max shard drop lol each pair of 10 opennong will have different drop… u can look for urself on the ! on top of draconic chest everything that he is dropping

If u plan on getting more draconic chest u must save em and open in bunch not just 10 here and there


Ok will like 30 be good ?

In order to get as close to the average as possible you could need to open hundreds.

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The drop rates for Hueso shards were higher during Souldance than the drop rates for other items and it was lowered once that season ended. We dont know yet how the drop rates will be once they add another type of dragon shard into the chests

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Ok thanks

It took me 340 chests to get enough shards to max my hueso

You need to open a lot of chests


I wish there was an “opt-out” option. Such worthless shards for such a worthless dragon and then there’s going to be shards for yet another (presumably) worthless dragon clogging up the drops :pleading_face::confounded:


I heard the festive is decent :wink:

This is what I wished I knew during Winterjol sigil chest period, thought I could get an impossible amount of 5k sigil drop rates; 10

You need to open a lot of chests to get the good drops. You may open 30 and get a load of rubbish. Another time you may open 30 and get amazing drops. But to guarentee you get those sweet spots, i think it was 440 chests, @FieryxFury ?
You also need to open them all in one go. Not dribs and drabs.

To give you an idea. I plan to open 1500 the last week of this season.


I thought 250 was a good amount not amazing but can give you a lot of resources

Closer to 500, and that’s my own minimum recommendation to get reliable enough results - a draconic sequence is actually 750 drops though without shard drops, and more with shard drops


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