Dragconic chests or Mythic?

Hello all,

I have 16 keys right now. I’m debating if I want to get mythic or not this season… I don’t really like any of the mythic this season or think they are that good haha.

If I don’t go for Mythic, I will go for dragconic and set myself up for next season.

Would love to get some thoughts on this.

hmph. compared to last season …

this season every mythic is arguably decent. 2 of them are arguably overpowered.


There are 3 keys in the festive branch. So the difference between getting a mythic or not getting one might be just one extra key.


If that account is the one you’d be doing it on and you’re around lv 300 then I’d say go dracs IF you can get them all. Getting a mythic is nice but the ones this season dont function properly, we’re half way through the season and we dont know when or if they’ll get fixed. We dont know what will happen in terms of nerfs. So I’d just go for the reliable resources of Drac chests

Sothe is super good right now but he’s probably going to end up nerfed next season.

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I was going to get the mythic warrior this season, but I’m probably going to back off…There just aren’t any reliable reviews yet because of all the PG issues. I don’t want to invest so much if they’re either not going to fix them, or worse, “Fix” them only for them to nerf them soon after…Just not getting good vibes here​:roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:

If they do end up butchering the mythics this season then you can always have a reliable perch :). End game mythic will do around 4B damage on max perch, depending on resewrch and other things of course :scream:

Haha good idea. I have 18 keys right and IDK what to do.

I have 18 keys right… When I finish festive, I will have mythic anyway … Idk, not big fan of this season mythic.

Spell rider is kinda trash, so I have nothing to spend sigs on until festive comes out.

Im not sure if there are any other issues, but the one with Sothe crashing the game should be fixed with the next update according to Version 7.40 Release Notes

You can always keep the keys and trade them for gold or platinum chests in the redemption branch next season. I think there are other options as well but I dont remember them all.

There are several issues with each of them which they’ve tried and failed to fix at least twice so far

There’s a trading post and another limited-time branch next week during pvp and the oculus line comes out the week after

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