Dragon Abilities

Does anyone know of a guide that shows all the drags and their abilities. I saw something but all their links do not work. Looking to place some runes on my dragons and don’t want to be surprised that I should have waited for another dragon up the line

http://www.dragon-manager.com/dragons for each dragon and its ability, levels and other details credits to @Sandberg

The one below and amoebastudios.

I was faster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You forgot amoeba :cry: old but still kinda helpful

When I’m looking to see if future dragons in breeding lines have a certain ability, dragon manager isn’t super practical (yet). I tend to use this sheet by @forScience and look on the (hidden) dragon list tab called “D” to quickly see all dragons with, say, archer resist.

stopped referring it for now since its better to have all at one place. Its already been 2 seasons and one tier more. So its better to have updated site.

For that purpose, i would suggest a better alternative.
Go to https://www.wdgeeks.info/runes-and-glyphs
and go to bottom of page. you find dragons and abilities listed. There is a search function where you just type the ability and find all dragons with the ability.


Ah yes, definitely better (and from the same source too I think, so just as accurate). I knew I’d seen a tool like that recently, but assumed it was on some old outdated site :grin:

It was on Rulith website before lol.

Thank you all for your help. I have seen a few of these but was looking for one Big spreadsheet. There is some new stuff I haven’t seen yet…Thanks Again👍🏻

Oh shoot. Now that’s embarrassing. I shoulda known that :grimacing::grimacing:

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Nice spreadsheet!

Yup that site will be pulled down at some point in the future in favor of only doing upkeep on WDGeeks instead. Easier to maintain one location rather than 2, just need people to transition over and learn the new site :slight_smile:

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