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@PGCrisis after reading all the 4.0 update threads, would it even be possible to run a beta program similar to the atlas beta that was run before Atlas began its roll out to test the divines/dragons prior them coming out? Currently, you could mirror it much like the CF that works with PG where you could have an application process? I have seen many recently that have offered their services in this regards.

1. Anywhere from 10-100 players (it can be decided later) to set up the pool for this.
2. Give the players the new divines at the orange tier.
3. Set the players into teams. Number of teams can be determined by the number of testers.
4. Set parameters on the size and types of the defensive towers and test to make sure spells work
correctly- working with the players feedback on how to scale the dragon for the tier its on.
5. Use simulated wars to test how it looks during defended bases.
6. Move up a tier and rinse and repeat until you are finished with all dragon tiers.

Doing this would allow PG to test not only new dragons, but also compile data towards defensive towers and farms to better scale them correctly in future updates. This would also be a great way to gather data and test out and scale new towers prior their initial release.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to hand select another group of random players to have a HUGE advantage over the others.

Instead, just allow this to be another thing the Creators Faction members would have the option of doing. (Most) have already proven to be invested in the game and actually want to help give a voice to the community. And for the hard work this would be a nice and interesting reward. I don’t think it’s necessary, but if it were going to be done I would like it to be with CF members.

I’m not advocating who it would/should be, and it could be tacked on to the CF potentially, but you also have to remember they may not want more to do. I see no true advantage as many of the high level attackers (not just those with high level accts) have an insane amounts of data they’ve collected and are already tremendous flyers. Would they have access to info earlier? Yes, but even if it is the CF as you mentioned, they already have info we do not. I would much rather have a select group, be it CF or some others be able to get the divines tested so spells work, they don’t require nerf discussions or spell changes later, and that we do not have a catastrophic meltdown like we just did over re-balancing and the transition into updates are smooth.

I do understand your point though!!

Towers will make different damage again dragons at orange tier
For example,ice flak will act different at different lvls and against different dragons
Also not sure if I’m understanding correctly.
Are we talking about creating new accounts for testers or adding staff to current alive accounts?
It will take a lot of time and afford tbh…
Also a lot of WD community members have different opinions.
Someone will be happy with changes.someobe won’t-they will need to bring really huge amount of testers to have correctly results

I think the best way is to have ppl who really plays the game active and works in PG and can test this separately between 2 PG teams in war
I think it might be fun for them as well))
It will hell them to se the troubles with spells and flying with heavy hammer spam))
They will be able to test different lvl of towers against different tiers of dragons.
And test it in real game.

You all need off of this playing-favorites train, it is pissing off a whole lot of people. PG does not have a good track record of beta testing, period. The Atlas group does not need any new content, the CF group does not need any new content. For towers, simply introduce them in a PVP event on NPC bases prior to release and collect all the data you possibly would need on them over a weekend. For a new dragon just replace Ryuu for a limited time (scaled for level just the same) and folks would happily test it like crazy. Again, all the data you could ever ask for without any of the animosity. Being fair to the whole community is always the best solution.


i understand that different towers at different levels will be different. Most divines start at orange, so that is where i started. they would have the ability to mess around with the bases to test all sizes. in a beta, they can simply build as many towers to whatever level needed to test the different level of tiers. it wouldn’t cost anything as it would just be in a beta.

yes they would have to have a separate account and it would only have access to the beta and if they left they would lose access.

i don’t think PG is willing to spend money to test in the manner you are suggesting, thus why im suggesting that. im not saying i have the best way, hoping it might lead to a better solutiion.

Fair point!

Its crazy that there is not test program. I work for utilities company and we have a test and a production side to everything. We run in test for xx period of time and then as we roll it out. We run them parallel until all the kinks are worked out and everyone is trained up. We fully come out of test and then it starts over with another update.

They don’t really get much as it is from what I’ve observed.

As if that would show the potential of the towers. ‘NPC’ bases are long, low level, and have a bad design for the sake of defeating easily.

How would you expect them to do this? Have all of the staff going through a few hundred thousand tickets/whatever your idea would be over a weekend?

… No…

It would be more valuable data with controlled variables and less participants, none of which is present with your idea.

If “the community” includes level 30s and below, I’m not sure I agree.

If this is how you think this actually works I strongly advise against your contributing further on this topic.

For crying out loud.

I was being sarcastic. That’s what you implied you wanted to happen, I was pointing out how ridiculous it sounds.

That’d be pretty interesting if they could manage to do it :smiley: .

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