Dragon attack power calculation

The mystery of attack power…I believe I finally solved it

Hi everyone

We all know attack power is weird and I am sure many of us got confused by it at some point while playing the game (like why the heck does my dragon have less attack power than my teammate’s although having more dps and hp?!?)

I did some math and testing and I think I understand how attack power is calculated (finally lol)
Here is what I got:

Unlike hp or dps, which are additive calculations, attack power is multiplicative
This means every item (research, riders/gears, runes, boosters) capable of boosting attack power is multiplied by another and then multiplied by the dragon’s base attack power.

Let’s take Frigg as an example:
Attack power at max level is 216 (source: Neon War Dragons)

Adding research:
Note 1: I’m adding sapphire level research values since most people don’t have research maxed out
Note 2: only hp and attack research increase dragon attack power, other research options like rage, ammo or resistances don’t count

Formula: base attack power * (1 + hp research [for hunters in this case]) * (1 + attack research [for hunters in this case]) = attack power with research
With numbers: 216 * (1 + 26%) * (1 + 24%) = 337

Adding rider/gears (Anja with 96.5% hp and 100% attack gears…don’t have max elite lol):
Note 1: riders and gears are viewed as a single value (100% gear and 20% rider add up to 120% and then the 120% would be multiplied with the attack power)
Note 2: similar to research, hp and attack are the only values increasing attack power, other modifiers like rage or ammo have no influence

Formula: attack power with research * (1 + hp rider/gear buffs) * (1 + attack rider/gear buffs) = attack power with research and riders/gears
With numbers: 337 * (1 + 96.5%) * (1 + 124%) = 1485

Adding runes (1 epic, 1 legendary and 1 mythic rune for demonstration):
Note 1: all runes add up before they are multiplied with the attack power
Note 2: runes have a fixed value regardless of their effects/modifiers, their value is based solely on rune rarity and rune level → see picture below
Note 3: somehow ammo runes provide less attack power than other runes of the same rarity and level (legendary ammo provides 9% instead of the usual 9.75%)
Edit: ammo runes max out one level below other runes of the same rarity, which is why they also add less attack power (legendary ammo maxed out adds same percentage as level 4 legendary)

Update: added exotic values

Formula: attack power with research and riders/gears * 1 + (amount of runes from certain rarity * said rarity value) + … + (amount of runes from certain rarity * said rarity value) = attack power with research, riders/gears and runes
With numbers: 1485 * [1 + (1 * 7.2%) + (1 * 9.75%) + (1 * 13.5%)] = 1938

Adding boosters (30% consumables):
Formula: attack power with research, riders/gears and runes * (1 + 30% hp booster) * (1 + 30% attack booster) = total attack power
With numbers: 1938 * (1 + 30%) * (1 + 30%) = 3275

I tested this method on several of my dragons and it worked every time. When you calculate it correctly the attack power should match your displayed value ingame on the right side (see picture below). During my testing the number on the right side was usually more accurate than the one at the top (I guess that’s because of rounding) with the exception of low attack power dragons because their value is small enough to be displayed in full length.

The confusing part about attack power is that it increases at a much higher rate than your actual dps and hp are so your dragon might appear stronger than it actually is.

Anyways, just wanted to share this knowledge with the community, please let me know if there are any flaws in my calculations/theory

Draykos :v:

ps: I don’t know if something like this was posted somewhere before and the “attack power mystery” was solved years ago, in that case I just missed it I guess lol


That is one Frigg(ing) strong Frigg

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Too much math for me. But too much math probably means it is right

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I know at least mythic ammo runes expert at level 5 instead of level 6 for regular mythics, that might explain the difference you’re seeing.

Legendary is the same I think, compare
for example.

Thanks for posting such a detailed breakdown, gonna have a good read through later but it looks solid.


Thanks, that answers the question about the ammo runes ^^

Fantastic read and great work here. Your working on gear and boosters matches work I did previously (not published in forums) and the rune and research stuff really grips it up together nicely.

This is because of portions of the formula (like boosters; Base * 1.3 * 1.3 = Base * 1.3^2) that are effectively exponential functions; so, small changes in base values lead to much higher final values than would be proportionally (or linearly) expected otherwise.


Thank you for the wonderful analysis. :hugs:

Question to you with a great brain.
(Although it may not be fitted to the thread)

" How do you think that the effect of the Totem is calculated? "

I am planning to build Lv35 Totem × 5 at the time of next Fortification… :shushing_face:

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Totems, when matching in element, decrease dragons’ dps and not their attack power. I don’t know if they decrease base or modified dps though. It could be tested by using the damage numbers displayed when damaging towers and some quick math :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response.

My test result (only one sample is one😓)

Lv26 Earth Totem ON / OFF Impact

Borgian Normal Attack - With Attenuation
Sage Rethal Barrier - No Attenuation

From this, I am expected that the Totem does not affect the skill based on HP.
(Answer during the survey by the development team from support)

It is likely to be a gambling to build Totems. :thinking:

Thank you again.:relaxed:

Just checked, it decreases modified dps
A totem that gives -15% dragon dps means it’s like taking a piece of gear away from your dragon


You can do that to have a nice set to choose from, but be aware that you can only have one totem on your base at any given time, so the other four will be in storage.


Correct, or like taking some attack runes away. The perch element debuff works the same (and doesn’t stack with the totem).


This is no good … :sweat:

Nice job, this data also matches up with some preliminary work I’ve been doing. You’ve done a very comprehensive job, especially working out the runes math.

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