Dragon breeding basics?

Heyo, lvl.21 here.

I returned to this game a week ago. Its been a few years, so I’m a bit rusty. (I was lvl. 64 when I left so i was not at a fairly high level either, compared to others who are lvl. 100+.)

Im in need of some guidance on dragons and breeding. what are some basics I should be aware of? should I be obtaining every single dragon in a tier? Do I need to get all my dragons to an expert level?

Would appreciate any advice. Just be patient with me, I’ve faced enough condescending remarks for asking questions on forums and I would just like my question to be answered.

There have been a lot of discounts added for breeding and building to make progression faster. You don’t need to breed them all, but they’re cheap enough that you can for the early tiers. I would expert at least some, if only to help with certain (infrequent) events. I would follow red’s best or red’s cheapest breeding guide at the link below, and explore the whole site for valuable info.



Hey thanks, I really appreciate the help. Definitely going to refer to red’s best guide.


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