Dragon breeding

Kind of curious how many dragons people get per event cycle for platinum and above. I generally get about 1 dragon per cycle (currently in saphire) I did two last cycle but nearly quit the game afterwards and cant bring myself to grind any more.

I got 5 this event. All Platinum dragons. (Edit: they were Kelvin, Vulcan, Necura, Nosfer, and Cerbero. They cost about half my egg tokens)

Next cycle I am aiming for two Sapphire Legendaries. I am E2P

When I started Sapphire I was getting a dragon every other breeding event. Once I started using @mechengg 's suggestion on the timing of speeding up egg token missions with rubies, I was then able to achieve one legendary and one backbreed (if available) per month - with some tokens to spare.

Right now, I just bred Ursa and will be breeding Icicle once Ursa is up to breedable. I am hopeful that I can get Icicle next breeding event, but it is probably not going to happen.


Its not how many dragons, its how much tokens or mystic frags u used for scoring in event. Cuz that pretty much tells how fast you are progressing.

And if you are on the right breeding path yadda yadda.

I did some fairly hard grinding this event and got:

  • Renard (136k)
  • Kyrule (143k)
  • Mehaten (Free w/ Kyrule)
  • Gloomclaw (27k)

But I dedicated a LOT of time this past month to grinding out missions for several hours per day


I got Mune, Nosfer, and Cerbero. Can’t hatch any though

Am I considered as Plat, given that my level is still 87? :roll_eyes:

If that is what you are breeding

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Finished Iteru for approx 60k and will get him breedable today so will start on Jul. Probably get about half way though him I think

Got Quetz, Iteru and now I am 732/1000 on Hau. I doubt I’ll be able to complete Hau but I’ll try

It looks like you have Frostbiter, so aren’t you Garnet?

Apophet. I have enough tokens for Frostbiter but see no point in getting him yet since I’m level 142. :snail:

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to my “How many rubies for Apophet?” thread. :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:. Converting the rubies to eggs has given me 90k towards Hau, 200k for Apophet, 143k for Frost, and 55k towards Jul … with a net decrease of 24k rubies from where I started. Ya’ll saved me a ton of rubies. :rose::rose::rose:

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I got Frostbiter (I’m level 142) and 325/500 on Gorgonous so far, going to grind the rest of the event and see how far I can get on him, hoping I can finish him but not too worried if I can’t.

i got hauheset yay!


But Frost can’t breed until you’re level 154 …

Edit: Oh, you must be using a different breeding plan. Who are the parents for Gorg?

I normally breed 1-2 dragons per event and I just made it into Platinum. Got Jagra and Kulan this time for 40k tokens and had 37k tokens left over. I’m level 91.
I’m not a huge egg token grinder but I think I’m gonna have to be soon :joy::sweat_smile:

Frosts parents are Sek & Hau who you can get breedable by level 132 so you should be able to

Backbreeds using garnets are higher requirements

Once i finish apophet i think i would consider myself Garnett as my focus will shift to that tier

I’m waiting until I’m closer to 154 before breeding Frost. :rose:

lol don’t want to end up like this player:

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Exactly :+1:t3: