Dragon breeding


What Mechengg said, Sek and Hau. I’m using Quetz and Kaiju for Gorgonous. I level real slow so after a month of debating with myself and doing over numbers a hundred times I decided on A&A 3 at the last minute. If I finish Gorg this event I’ll get Ursa next, if not I’ll finish him next breeding and get Ursa, I’ll not hit 154 for another 2 months anyway, unless I really really push, but I haven’t done 10 levels since I went from 92 to 108 months ago.


We are the same in level and slow growth but on different plans. I’m on Ice 1 so will backbreed Gorg months from now. It will be interesting to see how we compare at the end of the year. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes Ice 1 was the other one I was deciding between, it literally took me until Wednesday past to make the decision. I’ve been playing war Dragons since April 2017, so you can see I take my time with levelling my base :hugs:


I’ve been playing seriously since October 2016. You’re going a lot faster than me. :rofl:


Yeah I levelled pretty fast to start with, then found the forums and done a bit of reading. My dragons were behind, so I stopped levelling for a bit and got them caught up, it’s definitely slowed down I feel, but we’ll see how I go :laughing:


nothing. cause PG didnt release the rest of harbingers :tipping_hand_man:


How many do you typically get if anything is available?


Just got Ursa, yay! Useless expensive dragon :joy: But when he gets breedable I’ll backbred mehaten! Yay! Another useless but (now) not expensive :rofl::rofl:


Btw, I grind 30 min per Day. Spent 100k and have now 40k. Not too bad.


lmao you are so awsome Nat


Zuriia! Not awesome, I cannot grind more than this :joy: Need to continue liking the game


before last Sekhem & Anapa, then Scorchil & Quetz. Got Apophet this time. Following Icicle 1 so should’ve done Iteru but always wanted Apo so grinded for 184k tokens this time and used all the leftovers. Now starting to feel tired😔 it’s going to be like this forever, I do think of quitting sometimes but want to stay till I get access to Atlas.


I too dedicated way too much time to grinding… Got Iteru, Jul, Hauheset and half gorgonus… About 360k in all…
Last event Quetz, renard and chompa, 335k


How many rubies does it take to grind 300k eggs between breeding events? Also is it possible to spend 4 million eggs in one event at lv 169?


Four million egg tokens or get 4 million points?


300k eggs = 113k rubies if all of them came from grind… Many come from chests

4 million eggs??? that would be almost all dragons from sapphire to harbinger…


I hatched shezard and have morthil incubating, will have wydrian next month and destar the following month. Meanwhile corthanak will likely be my strongest if I can ever get him strong enough to beat my invader base :joy:


Well the current global leader has used 4 million eggs so I was just curious. Well I guess they could have spent 10 million rubies too.


That would be about 1.65M Rubies or 4700 USD…


:dizzy_face::dizzy_face: :moneybag: