Dragon breeding


I got frosty and anapa this event, and will do part of Apo before event ends


usally 1 - 2 top tier dragons… sitting on a lot of eggtokens… might get a legendary harb and mythic one as soon as they release (around 470k ET required).

basically ill get 200-250k ET a month


I’m close to get Zaru and I will get him. And now need 213k for AA. I typically make 100k to 120k per month. Not a deep grinder​:grin::grin:


Bred Kelvin, Vulcan, and Necura. Power-level K/V so I could breed Sekhem :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


It is more than possible to get more than one dragon if you are following breeding path. Paths give you a good estimate of how many egg tokens you need to for what breeds, so you can better prepare.
I managed to get 4/5 plat legendaries cause I mapped out my breeds.
Then again, even with a breeding path but without the grinding it is also very possible to be stuck with half a dragon…i managed to get enought tokens for a wing and foot of my next garnet as I was just relying on my minimum work.

(this season has been my worst ever…few more weeks and I’ll be back to kicking buttocks)


I’m in sapphire breeding…
I got Quetz, Iteru and Hauheset this event. Next cycle I’m aiming for Anapa and Apophet, though I’m not sure if I can complete Apophet. Maybe getting Anapa and Frostbiter is a better option. :thinking:


Appophet would net you sapphire builders eggs.


I know but I’m only at lvl 37 towers :sob: so don’t think I’ll need the builder hut eggs yet. Apophet would get me lvl 45 towers I think. The farms at lvl 44 would be nice but I want to evolve Divines to garnet.


But Cloak, you’re level 146 now. Don’t you need to be 158 to use the garnet stone? You gonna get up 12 levels by next breeding :eyes:


Cloak, you only need sapphire eggs by level 165 (that’s when towers cap at 41 and you need to level your hut to break the cap). So I would suggest going for Frosty first.

E.g. this event I did Frosty, Anapa and part of Apo to get me builders hut eggs :facepunch:


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