Dragon Element Overview


Coatl is also a sorcerer and not a hunter :smiley:


Kinn zam and borg are mythic.

Winterjól Season Preview Notes & Other Streams

@OrcaFrost PG’s website is never up to date. They had upgraded the divines to mythic status and boosted their stats along with a spell change as an apology for the poor spellsets in the initial release.
Iirc Merk was also one of the mythics that could evolve into a future tier but then become legendary, just like Phasmos and Algor.

@xWhiteOwlx @mechengg woops that wasn’t meant to happen, will update this, thanks.


Technically they are mythic ONLY when expert so it’s a bit of a grey area for sure


True, but that also applies to all (or most?) mythics that don’t start with mythic status in lower tiers like orange iirc.
Also I’m not sure about Neptus, I think he initially became a legendary for Harbinger, did they give him mythic status later on or did I wrongfully mark him as a mythic in Harbinger tier?


Is he the funky one that was mythic for one tier then dropped back down to legendary for the next tier? :man_shrugging:


now I get why kinnarus had better stats than other drags , I always thought she was just legendary