Dragon elements


I would like to see a description of the different elements. This is difficult to learn without the proper info. Ty



Can you be a little more less specific?



How about this?

Although Dark is a little different from Aether and the like.



If you’re speaking in generalities, then go here:

If you’re speaking specifically to the game’s mechanics - the elements of the different dragons play a relatively minor role in the overall game, with their biggest direct impact coming in the Temple Raid event (which was last week, and likely won’t be seen again for a few months). The other way that dragon element comes into play is in the gear that is on a rider, which needs to match the dragon’s element. What this means is that if you have a rider with Ice gear, but then get a nice new Fire dragon, you can’t put that rider on the Fire dragon without first unequipping the gear. Then you’d want to get Fire gear for that Fire dragon.

For this reason, people are tending to pick a dragon they know they’re going to use for a while and craft one set of gear for that dragon and rider. People willing to spend money may do this for several different dragons. And finally, you’d want a set for whatever defensive rider you have and the dragon you’ve got on your perch.

Keeping in mind that you can only craft gear if you have access to Atlas. If you don’t, then you’re at the mercy of whatever PG releases in terms of gear for the seasonal riders.

Don’t know if that helps, but it’s a stripped down and simplistic explanation of how elements work in the game.



Don’t mind the element other than in quest, Temple raid, and gear preference.



Are you low level? They don’t show up in the in-game ui until level 25 or something, but you can still need to know the info for team quests and stuff. After you hit the right level you’ll see a lil icon on each dragon telling you its element.

Until then you can use a site like https://www.dragon-manager.com/dragons as a reference. Fire, ice, and wind icons should be clear. Dark is the red/black swirl (e.g. Kastor) and Earth kinda looks like a paw print/stone (e.g. Hantu).



For players who built them when there were much more elemental embers than nowadays (not necessary since the resources are better used for a flak now) elemental totems reduce the damage of an attacking dragon of the same element.

You can only build one totem of each element and place only one (1) totem on your base, and once destroyed you lose the totem bonus (that’s why you should place it as close as possible to the main island). The only exception to this is Temple Raid boasting 4 totems (that’s unfair lol).

You probably won’t see many bases with totem except older players’ bases who built them before the dark flak was released.

Sometimes Dragons tend to have spells or appearance hinting to their element.

  • Fire Dragons feature warm colours and a fiery temper
  • Ice Dragons have a cool appearance or colder colours
  • Wind Dragons have a lighter body and sometimes look more “electric” element than air
  • Earth Dragons may have a rocky, sturdy appearance, or feature cristals on their body or in their spellset. They are more “nature” Dragons in general.
  • Dark Dragons are in general more evil looking than others. Most undead, evil or “magical experiment” Dragons are Dark.

As a sidenote, this game isn’t like Pokémon (or rock-paper-scissor). Elements don’t have strengths or weaknesses compared to others.



one is burny
one is blowy
one is rocky
one is darky
one is coldy


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