Dragon evolve stones


Hi guys my name is Mike and i would like to suggest idea to PG and their developers how to reward their loyal players with a chance to get evolve stones for dragons they love but they lack of stones to up their tier and use them again , as we all know most players cant get all stones for their dragons to evolve them and they love those dragons but they become useless after some time cus lack of evolve stone , so how about PG make evolve stone that can evolve any dragon and any tier and give away 1 stone free (yes free) to all players with very active status every new season as reward for being loyal and make others that are inactive or low activity to play more :slight_smile: i hope u will like this idea .


omg, another thread of PG please give out stuff to bring back dead/obsolete dragons.
can we please close these threads down


Please search the forums before making a thread on a topic that has been discussed multiple times