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Hi! This is my first post, so bear with me… :slight_smile:
I have been playing this game since about four months now and actually like the basic idea… :wink: but what really bothers me is, that there is really no need to develop regular dragons but to breed new ones. With all the strong Event dragons around, a regular one just does not stand a chance! Example: i have pushed Urden, a legendary green, to breeding level (level 12). His attack strength is now at 80k. Not bad you might say. But Cavaleris is currently a green also and level 4 and his attack strength is 200k! I understand that the Event dragons are supposed to be special and all, but I see no reason, why a legendary dragon level 12 should lag that far behind an Event dragon. It also takes ages to develop the legendaries… so you might want to consider, to give the regular breedable dragons something special, too. Many the ability to fly to the Defence of a base on their own when it is attacked. Or to give you extra credit for your base, when you have them on breeding level. Or at least make them a little easier to level then the event dragons, so that they gain strength quicker. Because currently I see many people just flying the event dragons because it gets them food or other ressources quickly… maybe something worth to think about…


It’s fine. Welcome to the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

Please note that due to different power and level gap, divine dragon has different scaling for each level than lineage dragons, thus it’s possible that divine dragons have lower level while higher power.
Therefore, Dragon’s Den level requirement may reflect the power closer than dragon level.

In your case, lv 12 Urden can be obtained using lv 12 Den (base level 43), while lv 4 Cavaleris requires lv 16 Den (base level 70).
Lv 20 Urden should have comparable power level with lv 4 Cavaleris.


sum up: you want lineage dragon to be stronger than divine dragon or at least same power. Not sure what your suggestion is.

divine dragon has the spell set that is designed to be good against the current age of flak.
But in fact, an expert orange legendary amarok is stronger than a divine orange dragon. however by the time you can expert amarok, you already passed 2 tiers away from orange.

But there is no reason to keep Urden around! He is not strong enough, to fly an Egg mission by himself unless the level 53 base is really badly built. And I think that is the key problem: if I can have a Devine event dragon, why bother with the breeding? Just to collect the dragons? There should be some incentive to develop the normal breedable dragons. I currently have three devines. Three more seasons and my rooster is full with them. Bam. End of game fun…

Older / Lineage dragons can be used to train your skill. Furthermore, Temple Raid event uses old dragons.

Divine dragon’s progress is capped by breeding. For example, certain level up requires having one Legendary Gold (lineage).

How far have you got those? I mean, what is the highest obtained evolution stone?

You also gain XP for them to feed during Dragon Training events.

You can only compare maxed dragons at your level. Also your Cavs is probably runed, which boosts the power.

I haven’t yet got him but I’m inclined to say at harbinger I would prefer a destar to cav. Not even talking about Oni in vanguard.

Tiers in dragon follow base progression both in strategy (placement and “building up”) and flaks appearing. That’s why spells generally get better. And that’s why divines are always updated when they come out.

Last thing, urd is just an ok dragon. Ettin is a good dragon, much better. There are “tier kings” and urd is not one for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

divine has a feature of evolve up by tier. You can not evolve a divine from orange to green if you havent hatched any green tier dragon.
also, dont pick all dragon, you need to get the evolution stone too because at some point you will need them to level up divine dragons

In green tier, lineage dragons can keep up with divines but only if you get them to the max level allowed by your den.
Whether that’s worth the effort is another question, but a maxed Ettin is certainly a match for green Cav.

Don’t worry. Once you get to platinum tier(maybe even gold tier) that’ll all change. The lineage dragons will start to actually become really strong at low levels. Stronger than divines I might say in certain ways

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…What sort of divines have you been getting, man?


For two, I have all the stones. Cavaleris will only go to Platinum. I dind‘t Realize, that i can not develop them further because I will have to have certain lineage dragons. The only holdup so far has been my dragon den. Well, that makes sense then…

I mean that their are certain lineage dragons that can be stronger than divines in certain ways(even though divines might have more attack power than lineage dragons).

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Um I’m pretty sure that it’s just Urd…not sure why people keep saying Urden.:thinking:

Because he was renamed when UVS was released this season.


Again…that should still be pretty rare, to my knowledge. Care to provide an example to illustrate your point?

An example would be Hauhset. Sure she might be a sapphire lineage dragon that’s obsolete to people who have vanguard tier(later on people with Empyrean tier) divines, but she’s still pretty goddamn useful for lots of things such as setting up bases for war runs if you get what I’m saying


With very limited exceptions (Hau, Noctua, Gazers, Sanders) lineage dragons are no longer relevant to actual PVP fights outside of the top 1-2 lineage tiers. It’s just how the game has become since the introduction of divine dragons. It was not always this way; old school players remember the days when dragons like Ettin, Amarok and Whalegnawer ruled the skies.
I know at the stage of the game your at it seems like you are being forced to work toward useless dragons for no gain, but flip your perspective: What PG has done with divines is given lower level players like yourself the ability to be competitive. Imagine if Urden really was your best dragon…the one you depended on for war runs and scoring in PVP events. That would suck, no? Besides, with the divine system in place, breeding these " outdated, useless" dragons just serves to earn you points toward claiming the seasonal rewards!



Older lineage dragons, too, had a more specific run type. Not every Dragon was good for every base or situation. Back in the day you didn’t just pick something mindless and strong, you actually had to make decisions based on your skill and the situation at hand.


Hau’s sapphire, right? What plat/gold dragons are you referring to?