Dragon finishing


Here is my idea instead of adding new dragons each season why not allow people to complete dragons the could not finish in a past season?


This has been brought up many many many times. Please use the search function and check the FAQs.

@Psarus @ModMat


That would be nice. I can then unshelve the divines from the 2016 Fall season. Only got their green stones. :cry:


All of these from just typing in old divines…


Please. Not these “bring back old Divines”, “new idea” threads again. This subject is at best fiercely argue about… At worse you’re in for an eyeful…

Please use the search function as suggested, but be warned that you are talking about a sensitive subject.

Welcome to the forum anyway! Hope you get used to it soon :blush:


Consider that you were learning how to get the best out of a season then, it wasn’t a waste, it was experience. It certainly made you wiser for the following seasons.


NO - as per PG

Would a Mod mind closing this thread thank you :blush: @Psarus @ModMat


Thanks for the flags all. Closing as without searching I can recall multiple of these threads.