Dragon Flying Guide

A Guide to Flying Dragons

Importance of Research
Research tends to be overlooked, when it has some of the best dragon buffs in the game. I will include some of the more important research options underneath the category they are relevant to.

  • Essence of Rage

There are five “essence of rage” research brackets; each gives you an additional starting bar of rage. This is crucial for rage-dependent dragons such as sorcerers and hunters. This applies to all dragons.

Lead V. Follow
While (nearly) any dragon can solo an undefended base, the added difficulty of defended bases and/or high level bases (250+) requires thought and teamwork. Differing spells allow individual dragons to excel in either “lead,” “follow,” or neither (sorry Anapa).
Examples of Lead dragons:

  • Necryx
  • Hauheset
  • Noctua

These dragons excel in leading as a result of having both a disabling spell (des. sand & noxious vines) as well as a spell that avoids damage (cloak/time shift).
More on leading strategy in the hunter subcategory.

Examples of Follower dragons:

  • Ferga
  • Algor
  • Stormheim
  • Morphos
  • Tengu
  • Iteru

Follower dragons need a way to one shot towers, or have the DPS to overwhelm defenders (hammer spam). Sorcerers carrying umbral spike or uproot, for example, can eliminate farms with no effort. Death gaze and galvanic overload have the same utility on hunters, and havoc/chaos/berserk (Sobek, Stormheim) for warriors.
More on following a lead attacker in the sorcerer and warrior subcategories.

High HP, steady DPS. Warriors have seen a decline in usefulness due to the introduction of several new towers; they rely on the ability to “tank” heavy damage, and the double resists, shields and healing spells are geared to that. Unfortunately, with the added towers diluting the damage pool, each resist becomes less relevant and the warriors’ ability to tank suffers.
Primary users: below gold tier (x<63)
Notable dragons: Amarok, Algor, Skarr, Sage
Warriors must target one tower at a time except in specific locations where two can be hit simultaneously.

As a result of this, warriors have difficulty overcoming “hammer spam” during heavy defense.
Order of Attack!: Minimize Damage by attacking in the most efficient order.


See if you can explain why these are more efficient.
Note: Warriors with healing abilities can use their resist as an opportunity for healing.

Hugin, Khrysos, Kyrule
Instead of continuously attacking, remove the mage tower and three of the four lightning towers. Stall the fourth and heal as much as possible. Destroy the lightning tower right before it is out of range.

Warriors with damage boosting abilities and two resists are more useful than others.

  • Berserk

Lose health, increase to attack and rage regeneration

  • Seething Spark

First cast increases attack, second cast stuns and damages towers

  • Amarok


  • Pyrochis


Shields are also important spells, and they are not all created equal. Stoneskin shield is not favorable in comparison to explosive shield (at lower levels), tectonic tomb or heat shield.
Link to Types of Shields Video:

Note: The first legendary, Amarok, is a warrior.
In order to use Amarok to his full potential, research the “healing antidote” buff.


Your best friend. If you aren’t proficient with them, you’ll need to be.
Tap attacks allow for multiple target damage or burst damage on one target. Practice eliminating towers in a specific order depending on your hunter dragon’s strengths and weaknesses.
Primary Users: Mid to late game (x>63)
Notable Dragons: Necryx, Hauheset, Noctua, Whalegnawer, Ferga, Ettin
Note: A significantly difficult to acquire rune, “hunter ammo,” will increase the number of shots your hunter has. This rune’s drop rate is either near-zero, or zero. Count yourself lucky if you find one.

Research Recommendations:
These provide you with more “taps.”
Allows dragons with cloak to heal. Extremely useful.

A hunter is only as good as its spells; any hunter with these spells:

  • Lockdown
  • Evasion
  • LightSpeed
  • Self Destruct

Is essentially handicapped. On the other hand, hunters with a combination of these:

  • Steal Essence
  • Healing Mark
  • Cloak
  • Time Shift
  • Desiccating Sands
  • Noxious Vines
  • Earthquake

Is likely to be of great use to you.
Hunters are, without exception, the best dragons to lead in a war. You should practice both disabling a base, and cleaning up one. For this we will use three examples as they each operate differently.

Base Lead: Necryx
Necryx is preferred for bases heavy in elemental towers, as well as bases with adjacent blue mage towers or that are too far above Hauheset’s power level (50+ dark Flak cannons will one shot Hauheset).
Link to Necryx Video:

Base Lead: Hauheset
The most difficult to learn, Hauheset dances through bases without an abundance of blue mage towers and is nearly impossible to defend against if properly equipped with rage runes and flown skillfully. Hauheset is not meant to solo, but to cripple a base so thoroughly that a following dragon can breeze through regardless of defenders.
Time Shift
Similarly to cloak, dragon becomes invulnerable. Canceled by blue mage towers and the dragon’s tap attack. Spells can be used.
After using time shift, the spell changes to rewind. This allows you to revert back to the location in which time shift was cast. I.e. “Rewind time.” This spell has a limit use of 2 per battle.
Borrowed Time
Allows the dragon to remain alive a few seconds after death. Cannot be used if rewind has been used twice, and will have its time shortened if rewind has been used once. Cannot use spells, can use tap attack.
Link to Hauheset Video:

Base Follow: Ferga
Ferga’s galvanic overload can be used to one shot sanded towers and farms. Any damage you do take can be healed with healing mark, and a properly set up base will allow plenty of time to generate rage.
Link to Ferga Video:

A dragon class that is frequently disregarded. Sorcerers have a slower attack speed and distributed damage output, making them entirely dependent on the quality of their spells. However, the best sorcerer dragon will still fall easily to defenders, especially without a considerable amount of rage runes to support it.
That being said, there are a few sorcerers that have earned their place in your roster.
Primary Users: Not many!
Notable Dragons: Kelvin, Sekoronos, Fae, Kinnarus, Phasmos, Iteru, Tengu
Note: If you are watching a teammates’ attack, calling mage towers one base ahead of time (“Red,” “Blue,” “Both”) will help your teammate avoid accidental casting of blocked spells.

The Importance of XP Runs
Sorcerers make some of the best XP runners. A good teammate doesn’t forgo the opportunity to train a dragon that can reliably solo all of the XP bases, since that allows them to help their much higher leveled teammates.
Excellent dragons for this purpose will have access to spells such as:

  • Frozen Tomb
  • Earthquake
  • Southern Cross
  • Northern Lights
  • Invert/Reverse Projectiles


Invert handles projectiles, and Frozen Tomb allows for easy passage against all other towers.

Other Sorcerers Worth Using:

Reverse projectiles and freeze handle the majority of damage reduction/reflection, and thunderstorm is a devastating supplemental DPS boost. The upcoming rebalancing will greatly reduce the usefulness of this dragon.

Summon warrior acts as a shield, freeze negates damage and thunderstorm wrecks bases. The mix of red and blue spells is key to Sek’s success. This dragon will also suffer after the rebalancing.

Iteru is strictly a clean-up dragon. Umbral spike will one hit kill towers, meaning Iteru can be used to destroy farms and sanded buildings. Tengu can be used the same way.

A special case; Dodo guardian reduces all damage, and both earthquake and invincibility can prevent damage. Lightning is also an excellent resist. Kinnarus is not a good follower to disabling leads as it will unsand everything unintentionally, but it can be a surprisingly good powerhouse for denting bases as a lead or follower to a non-disabling lead dragon.

Runes and Your Sorcerer:
These may as well be mandatory, since without them the sorcerer will fail. Rage is more influential than all other runes.
Benefits of Runes for Sorcerers

  • Invincibility duration increase
  • Invert/Reverse Projectiles duration increase
  • Rage generation increase
  • Buffs to natural resists
  • Freeze duration increase

Recommended Research:
Beneficial to lower leveled players who have not passed dragons with this spell. The additional bounces add a significant amount of damage output.


Apologies for the less than ideal formatting. It seems exporting from iOS notes is a rather large pain in the behind.

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