Dragon Games Reboot

With the winter olympic games coming up, it would be pretty cool to bring back the Dragon Games event for them. I started playing after they were stopped so i never got to experience the games, but from what ive heard of the event it sounds fun. The olympics usually last like 2 or 3 weeks, right? So why not have the dragon games start and end with the olympics. Theres more than enough events to fill up a 3 week event lol.



The dragon games were about 8 days long. Started breeding for 2 days, feeding, fort and finished with original black bloods. First iteration was rough because their was only one prize table. The second iteration had an Indy prize table for each event.

I didn’t mind the 2 day event schedule it kept everything flowing in a fun way

You and I obviously have a different definition of “fun”. If the feeding event is the worst event ever, this comes in at a close second.

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What about Trials? I was in red tier the last time we had that event and I want another go. :joy: Was brand new so forgive me if I’m suggesting something completely horrible.

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If we’re talking about (bad) ideas, why not bring back Miracles event…



We are all talking about the event that where each event lasted like 2 days yeah?

Ok nevermind then lol

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