Dragon got from internet

I got this pic from internet

nice edit but that ugly lumen copy isn’t gonna cut it to WD

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Technically Lumen copied Hugin

I prefer seeing Hugin over Lumen.
Lumen feels creepy. And this one is actually less creepier than Lumen.

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Lumen is creepy. Perhaps the oddly pink color?

Or… Vladimir?

No, they have different models. Vladimir has a hunter model, Lumen and Hugin have warrior models. Ignore me :joy: :t_rex:

Isn’t Vladimir a warrior?

Oh god I was thinking of Bolt. Yes you’re right lol. :t_rex:

Lol ok

This is part of a fictional story being written by somebody.

I don’t like that they are using this format because it looks like a legit new dragon format. They have a green one too.