Dragon healing for training

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I would also like to suggest that when a dragon is trained to the next level it be healed at the same time as it is being fed for the level.


I would have to agree with you. Feeding is a good way to heal.

Yeah most games seem to have this - I was surprised when I first started that this wasn’t a thing in WD.

It would be nice to replace healing potions with food…

Except for 6 days that roll around every 9-11 weeks

To be honest it seems silly that the game even has heal times for dragons. Why would you encourage something that makes players spend less time in game. You get to the point where all your dragons are healing and decide “what the heck, I don’t need to waste potions. I’ll come back later.”

It’s kind of hard to earn money from your players if they aren’t actually in the game.


I just meant when you train (level) your dragon that heals it. It’s not like heal potions are hard to come by, but does make it a little easier on low levels to heal when u train that’s all


I like this idea. Remember the old school games, when you leveled up your health was restored, etc? It does seem odd that WDs doesn’t do that…

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