Dragon Ideas for possible seasons

To elaborate on my previous suggestion,

The Bahamut dragons I am referring to is from Final Fantasy series.

Some examples above. This I feel will get the Final Fantasy players to take a look lol.

The bahamuts I refer to is Bahamut, Neo Bahamut and Bahamut Zero.

If only copyright isn’t a thing…


There would probably be trademark and copyright issues.

lol I know but I mean Im hoping to spark an idea for something similar lol I loved the bahamut designs.

Yeah, and you’d be facing issues from more directions that just Square Enix. In the lore of Forgotten Realms, the universe in which D&D and a large number of novel series are based, Bahamut is the Diety of Justice and worshiped by all Metallic dragon kind.

I get what you’re saying though (I think). You just want to the concept of Bahamut to be used as inspiration for a dragon. I hesitate at this idea because of what doing justice to the idea of Bahamut would entail. Bahamut’s powers are supposed to be supreme; so powerful relative to other dragons as to make him…well…their diety. I suppose we have had some equivalent’s though: Surt and Abraxxas, to name two, were both supposed to be “apocalyptic-level” dragons.

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I didnt think of that lol I see your point…

If they do design a dragon like this in WD, it will probably be the end game end game LOL, no more WD and this is the final destination dragon

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