Dragon ideas for this season for future

Just for fun some ideas I though of for a second dragon with spells and what not.

First would be a sorcerer zombie dragon. I’d call it zombla
First spell: abysmal breath - red - 1 rage
Breath att for next 3 seconds causes stun and poison. Tower affected will be stunned for 1.5 seconds and every second for two seconds tower will lose 10% of towers hp.
2nd spell: skull shower - white - 2 rage
Aoe att where skulls rain down causing 25% of dragons adjusted att as damage and towers affected will lose 10% hp every second for 3 seconds.
3rd spell: decomposing blast - white - 2 rage
Basically death gaze but will look diff. Like limbs shooting out as a blast.
4th spell: return from beyond - yellow - passive
If dragon dies, it revives as a skeleton of the former look with 1/2 hp, 2 bars of rage, rage reg slowed by half, and takes 25% less damage from all sources

Second dragon would be witch themed hunter. I’d call it witchiker
1st spell: shield breaker - white - 2 rage
Breath att does 2.5x damage against towers shielded and 1/2 damage to u shielded towers. It can go through the shield to hurt the towers.
2bd spell: spellbound shield - white - 1 rage
Absorbs all damage and ss for 2 seconds. Afterwards it changes to a random red spell which costs the same as the normal cost for that red spell. Once red spell used goes back to the shield.
3rd spell: lucky potion - blue - 1 rage
Gain 25% health back and breath att for next 2 seconds does 2x damage (cannot stack damage with shield breaker att).
4th spell: adaptive resist - white - 0 rage
Swap between adaptive resistances and gain health back when changing.

Just thought I would share some ideas. Let me know what u think


If only they were real :weary::heart_eyes:

  1. AoE size? Cooldown? Number of usage?
  2. SB shield spell list? As it isn’t wise just to put random spell from all list IMO.

I want a ghost/spirit dragon or a season about angels and demons. Have one mythic for angels and the other for demons.


This thread has lots of other ideas you might like?

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For the aoe it would be size able to hit 5 towers like most aoe spells. Cooldown would be 6 seconds and u can use it as many times as u want as long. As cooldown is completed.
As for the shield that switches to red spell. I’d say can toggle between any spells of freeze, chain lightning, or fire blast or w.e spell it is called that costs 3 rage. Again this was just a general idea. They could prob use tweaking but just thought some fun ideas

That’s sounds really cool

All spell?

Legendary Invoker: Y’gol, Corpse Defiler.

Dragon’s empowered breath deals 7 percent of Dragon’s modified HP as bonus damage and has an increased area of effect. If empowered attack hits any enemy tower, immediately change dragon’s breath type randomly to either hunter, sorceror, or warrior, until invoker ammo recharges.

Twisted Revelation- active- white-
Cycles between Book of Gla’aki and Sadism - 5 seconds in between spells-
Book of Gla’aki- 2 rage
Doubles the attack power of dragon attacks until dragon uses it’s empowered breath, after which the recharge time of invoker’s breath attacks is doubled.

Sadism- (white bloodfury, the type that uses one rage and gains 3)

Defile- white- 2 rage- 5 second duration- 3 second cooldown
activate when invoker breath is recharging to empower your attacks based on your new breath type
-hunter- increases dragon breath attack by 100 percent (white chaos)
-warrior- decreases incoming damage by 70 percent
-sorceror- attacks inflict freeze(2 seconds) and restore health on-hit (very small, like steal essence per hit)

Adaptive resist- passive- cycles between fire turret, lightning, and dark flak resist.

that would be mine.


I’d like to see an AOE spell that effects an entire base with the strength of Death Gaze…that isn’t blocked by mages

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Ya that might be too op. As a small strong base would die instantly. Unless they made it so once spell is used u can no longer use any spells after it is used

Sounds awesome. I would just want the system to tell me what dragons breath I get bc if it is random and I’m not told I may waste .5-1 second figuring it out. Then activating the other spell may not be as efficient. But overall I think it sounds great

And we could call it something cool like “ragnarok” or something like that.

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Something like this? :upside_down_face:

p.s. Don’t mean as a callout, just an old case.

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