Dragon Ideas Ive thoght of

Id like to see bahamut like dragons!

Umm… whats that? I don’t know maybe I’m being stupid

im confused :dizzy_face:


Bahamut is the platinum dragon leader of all the good dragons from the original Dungeons & Dragons.

Personally, I’d be more interested in seeing a Tiamat type dragon… 5 different colored heads each with a different type of breath weapon. :dragon:

Is it really thinking of something when all you are doing is simply suggesting something that already exists out there?

Btw did anyone ever play the “Rage of Bahamut” game? Card collecting app game… ok… not as fun as WD tho.

I played rage of bahamut for a little while. Got bored with it after a few months but trading card games were never my thing. Well except magic the gathering. I played that for a while when I was younger.

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