Dragon keeps flapping

Has anyone experienced this. It happens every-time for me. My internet is top notch(100 mbps) for the game and whenever defenders are on, my dragon freezes as in keeps flapping in the same place but towers still hit me.
This only happens when defenders are on. Any suggestions, Uninstalled game, cleared cache, Restarted, software up-to-date, changed internet sources (3 different ones). Logged out of pg account and back in. Now please tell me what else I can do if you have any ideas. I have a discussion going on with pg that is unhelpful so far. Thanks.

Device: Samsung galaxy Note 9
Country: Australia



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One of the best devices on the planet

? How so?

Id say is a connection issue from either you or the defenders, maybe you are in a remote location in regards to pgs server?

Also just because you have 100mbps does not mean is stable, specially via wifi.

Mobile data in the middle of Sydney. So I don’t think that’s the issue. Thanks for trying : )
Pg couldn’t fix it. Told me to wait.
Happens with all defenders

Huh. I have like 2MB speed and the same thing happens to me. Do u also get the 5 sec cooldown when the defender charges supershots and puts on shield and sword on towers?


I get this 5 sec cooldown timer whenever I turn for an island which is charged and armored.

Sometimes repeatedly. Oh shite. Now I think it may be due to both the players net connection not being compatible

Yes Yes I get it too. Slow internet right? After that we can see the dragon moving for a bit and starts the goddamn flapping again!

Yep. That g-o-d-d-a-m-n flapping
And then it speeds up now since the update.
So timer finishes, and the dragon is now on a sugar high. Like krelos but not intentionally


I have a completely different phone with another account (note 8) and different internet(also mob data). This thing happens. I think it affects a group of players.

Yeah us the vip roster of elite players.

Lol they scared to give us fairness. We need the disadvantage or else we will rule the game.

I prefer the second one lol. Of course I just turned 150

100mbps is hardly top notch anymore… -though it should be sufficient for wd for sure.

There are two things you can try, I did them in the past and they changed my life with defenders :

  • upgrading to a new phone, your phone is amazing but I feel like apple is better when it comes to war dragons, so you can try this.

  • having a lot of storage left on your phone, have at least 5gb left (2gb is the number advised but 2gb didn’t seem to be the best option for me in the past).

Also there’s something to see which I can’t guarantee and it’s the defense will also rely on the defender connection too, so if the connection of the defender is slow, so your flight will be delayed too. I’m not sure about it but it can be a reason too.


@Ryuu similar to this ?
Low signal issues , Dragons moves instead of slowing down

Well I know my case kind of extreme lol …

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Fixed yet?

Have 40 gigs of storage left.
Changing to apple because of WD! No thanks. A game shouldn’t depend on the platform a user uses. I hate Apple’s UI.