Dragon Level Caps

Just wanted to ask. Was the cap of level 357 needed to max a harbringer mythic changed?

Not that has been announced, why?

This guy just hit us with a maxed Destar. The team name seems familiar too…:thinking:


Pan wave. The second coming.

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you sure that he used a level 50 destar? or is it one of his/her assisting player that did it?

It was him. I just wanted to make sure they didn’t change level caps. I’m over the cap so I wasn’t sure.

@Panda I am sure @PGJared would like to know who the player attacked and about when so they can look into it or something :smiling_imp:

Thanks. Just making sure there wasn’t a mechanic change first before I asked

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And this is why one should check a player’s information before attacking. If I was in their situation, I’d stay far away from Panda. :woman_facepalming:


But did you die?

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I don’t think they care tbh. Just bring up another hacked account they have tucked away unnoticed

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