Dragon Lord Spotlight - Nomination Form

Greetings, Dragon Lords!

The Dragons Community Team strives to post monthly player spotlights that highlight the many amazing players in our Dragons community via Dragon Lord Spotlights. In an effort to get some first-hand recommendations from fellow players, we now have a handy nomination form available for you to fill out whenever you believe a player is worthy of being featured!

Click the link below to fill out the nomination form and tell us why you believe the nominated player should be featured in an upcoming Dragon Lord Spotlight. Feel free to reach out to Arelyna or myself if you have any questions, and thanks for your nominations! :tada:

The following text is mirrored here from the nomination form for visibility.

Thank you for considering a fellow War Dragons player to be featured in our monthly Dragon Lord Spotlight series. These interviews are posted to the War Dragons blog (WarDragons.com/blog) to highlight notable players in our Dragons Community.

Dragon Lords that are featured in these monthly spotlights exemplify the community as some of our finest role models. They might be encouraging in their progression style, willing to write and/or share guides with other players. They might be master flyers and show others the best in offensive strategies with informational tips & tricks. They might be a fearless leader of their team, providing unending support and a willingness to lift everyone to greater leagues. Among these features, there could be many others that a Dragon Lord exudes, so be sure to tell us all about them!

Please Note: We communicate with Dragon Lords for spotlight featuring via the War Dragons Forums (forums.wardragons.com). We require that the featured Dragon Lord is able to read and respond to private messages on the Forums for us to complete the spotlight process.

While we may not be able to respond to these nomination requests, every form submitted will be considered by the Dragons Team. If the player you nominated is chosen to be featured in a Dragon Lord Spotlight, we will add your in-game name to the blog as the person who made the introduction!

Have any questions about the Dragon Lord Spotlights? Get in touch with Arelyna or Crisis on the War Dragons Forums!