Dragon Lord Spotlight: NS4Ever - Official Discussion Thread


Please share your thoughts on the latest Dragon Lord Spotlight here!

Link to the spotlight:

April 2019 Dragon Lord Spotlight - NS4Ever

Congrats on the spotlight! (I need to go read it still… I accidentally clicked on the comments thread first lol :sweat_smile:)

Edit: Read it :+1:t3: Great interview @NS4ever


Thanks Liz! :blush:


Haven’t read it yet but a great person and awesome teammate when he was.


So nice to hear from players that have been around so long and seen the game from so many different perspectives. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

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Very nice interview, I’ve enjoyed it!
Congratulations for the spotlight!


Really glad to see someone sticking with it so long and not loosing their mind, props to you, congratulations on the spotlight.


Nice reading and congratulations @NS4Ever!


Thanks everyone for your kind words! I’m glad we can all enjoy flying amazing dragons!! :dragon_face:

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