Dragon Lord Spotlight

Is there a reliable way for us to nominate people for this spotlight, or are all messages just ignored (not even read) and PG just picks randomly?

@Arelyna @Crisis


From what I can see most of the “picks” come from certain… “favourites” pools.

While we don’t have a formal nomination system in place, Arelyna and I do read any messages sent directly to us on the Forums about those that would be great to be featured! Feel free to send us a message and we can review for future spotlight blogs. :slight_smile:

Follow-up question - would players here on the Forums prefer to see a more formal nomination process for the Dragon Lord Spotlights? If so, we can definitely consider creating a form so everyone can nominate others through that medium. :smiley:


A formal system where we get a response that it’s read would be much better. Right now it feels like we aren’t being noticed or even seen since questions are asked and either aren’t read or we get no response.

Okay, that’s fair feedback! I’m happy to talk to you more offline as to where you’re feeling your messages are being unnoticed (I truly haven’t received any except for the one you sent just now, so if I missed something previously among my messages, I apologize!). Creating a form sounds like a great way to make sure these nominations are received in an apparent way.

My concern it would turn into a popularity contest and poor @Bambam27 would never get a shot. I for one am itching to know what makes him and a few others tick…



I was on the list a long time ago but got bumped for reasons…

Oh well. :man_shrugging:t2:


Clearly it’s because the forums would implode because you’re too awesome for them to handle :joy:


Great. Just sent you a PM with screenshots where I was ignored for 2 months.

My first nomination goes for @Bambam27. He is very popular and a hard working player.

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I thought you were supposed to send nominations to twitter. Thats what it says on the blog post. Is that why I haven’t gotten any response? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been trying to think of a response but I don’t know which. :fearful: :joy::roll_eyes::angry::star_struck:… I’m sure the OP has some good suggestions.

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@Bea did you do the Twitter thing?

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Twitter thing was 2 months ago and they never even read it. :woman_shrugging:

Hey all!

Thanks for your suggestions to create a nomination form - we’ve gone ahead and done just that!

For future nominations, we’ll use this form to capture everyone’s suggested players (and will subsequently change the messaging in the spotlight blogs moving forward). Feel free to nominate players you believe should be featured right here:


Soo … no @Panda or @Mikeh8sdisgame or @CBwashere :thinking:

Edit: And no @Jonesy for now :rofl:


That was fast! Thank you for taking the lead and doing it!

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