Dragon-manager goes oss

Since i quit the game, i have gotten many many queries about my site, https://www.dragon-manager.com. To avoid having to answer all those mails, i will make one common here.

Update: I will take the site offline, within a few hours now. Just for info.

I am travelling atm, and when i get back home, i will briefly clean up the code, remove the non-public atlas tools and then put everything on github.com for everyone to use. If people wanna continue the site as it is, or develop it in new better directions. Only thing i request is to credit me, for the groundwork i did. Its all up to you.

I will write up a quick instruction on how to dump datafiles, etc etc.

Have been playing this game for 4 1/2 years and It was fun a long way. But not anymore. So time to say goodbye, and you can contact me on line if you have questions about the site.

UPDATE: Repository can be found here: https://github.com/JesperSandberg/DragonManager … this is everything that is currently live on the site.

Best Regards, Sandberg.


Thanks for all you did. Enjoy real life.

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Thank you and good luck in all your future endeavors :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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the best cosmic vibes brother! so that all your future projects succeed

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Thank you for doing that.

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Take care bro, was fun flying with you. I appreciate all you did for the community at large :facepunch:

  • Logan
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You’re the best; thanks for all your work in maintaining it for so long, ensuring its accuracy, and sharing what you did. Hope that you enjoy all the extra free time :smiley:


Thanks sandberg

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Thanks Sandberg.
Wishing the best for you IRL. Good luck.

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thanks for your very hard and big work dude!!!

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You’re leaving at a good time… Thank you for all the info and seriously best of luck :tulip: Wish the rest of us the fortitude to leave too :rofl:


Im down to help maintain it which im sure @Linna told u quick one to learn and can keep ur site running

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All the best for you!!

Thank you Sandberg, your contributions have made my WD experience better. All the best in your next adventure.

Will miss you sand :kissing_heart:

very nice work on getting all the castle owners. you beat me to it!

Hes always had it :laughing: just not to public eye

True :slight_smile:

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i know it is lol im sure u know where im at lol everyone does

Let me know when bk we can talk