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well ofcourse i wont do that but lets say im breeding deci and need 5 sapphire eggs for research and 3 garnet eggs for builder so if i use too much mystic frags on deci it ll reduce the extra eggs coming from gorgonus, avalanche and A&A so i may fall short on eggs


awesome…thank you for consideration and formulation i used above is correct, right??


I think so :slight_smile: You want to know how many eggs you get, besides the primary goal/egg. when not using mythic fragments to breed,

So like breeding apophet with zaru and frost, will give you some sekhem eggs. Right ?




Update: Added rune support. All dragon and base runes are now available, use the filter mechanism to make it more easy to look at. Speed will be improved over time.

The feature is found under : GAMEINFO


Very nice, great to have it all in 1 place! Wish we could vote on their relative worth (or complete uselessness, in some cases)

If I can ask, what is this one?


it shows up under Legendary building runes as the first item, but seems to be a weak version of the healing striker glyph.


Says it increase farm protection. The amount of rss protection in farms when you are raided.
Someof these runes may not actually exists. The data is pulled from the game, so there may be legacy stuff in the data.


There is. I am too lazy to list out but it’s a pain in ass to filter all bad stuff out .
Haha now the list of amoeba is almost complete, except additional data of dragon perch boosts .
The issue is I still don’t understand how to make sense of that data(which I also have ) :see_no_evil:
If you could figure out it would be great


Which data ? Runes or perches or ?


Some towers like flak/mage/storm… need players to reach a certain level to unlock. The info seems to be wrong about this


This is @mechengg dream come true:


Sweet Sassy Molassey


I’m glad they stacked a useless rune with useless secondary. If I ever see a ballista resist on a rage I’ll go into a …rage…




Added stats for the new Elektro Flak and lvl 65 towers now.


Probably this is a minor request.
Can a parameter be added to the url so that the page will show the table immediately?
I think this is one plus point from now-vanished amoeba.

e.g. http://www.amoebastudios.com/cgi-bin/dragon/py.cgi?dragon=Ferrox
This page will show breeding table which gives Ferrox as one of the offsprings.


It could be done. Not my top priority atm. Sorry :slight_smile: reason is that i currently dont reload all page. Just the data required to keep the load smaller on the server.
I could do a workaround to trigger the same by adding a non-used parameter to the url, but i have some other things to do first.


That’s okay.
Probably adding an initial request if a parameter is given in the url…

Just a suggestion to make bookmarking and sharing page easier…


Site is now updated with the new tier (stats and breeding).


Just remember :sweat_smile:
Seems that storage upgrade requires certain level of farms (production speed) in order to upgrade it, and the info isn’t available in the site.

Can you please add it?