Dragon Manager (Info Site)


Just cureous



This is a very useful site, therefore NOT a PG site


All those guides are so old :see_no_evil:


What’s your goal with this? Taking down the best site for up to date info?



I love this site.

I am irritated at the fact that I was flagged for an Innocent link quoting a rule that is obviously not adhered to.

If iis a matter of profit, I will mark that item at no profit and consider it a gift to all of you at cost. But it is hypocritical nonetheless.


I’m pretty sure the forum TOS does not apply to their own website.


those are fan websites links


I’m guessing that the “selling/advertising” section and reference to “external services” are in regards to things that would require a payment for something which PG does not receive money from. These other sites are not “selling” anything although I can see how your interpretation of “external services” could be construed in different ways


“Website” is singled out as well. It is at least that. One of those sites does as for a contribution to keep it going.

I made a meme I thought others would want on shirts or mugs, if I sell it for no profit, then with that reasoning I could post the link, but Jared needs to chime in. Otherwise I will leave my website links off for now.

If anyone wants my art on product they can PM me and I can tell them how to get it.

I get frustrated with inconsistencies, that’s all.


My personal thought would be that it’s not a commercial enterprise, so I don’t mind it. Also it’s linked on the official website. At the end of the day though, Crisis manages the forum so it’s her call.


why don’t we just change the rule, i like these fan site links?


Again, I am looking for a level playing field. All links to a non PG website is considered advertising and is against this particular rule.

Can I mark my meme product down to zero profit? @PGJared Would that be acceptable. I simply wanted to share what I got excited about. I can email you the mark up sheet so you will believe me it is at no profit.


I’d say that if you’re charging money it’s still a commercial enterprise. These are more my impressions than an actual determination, btw. I’ll talk to Crisis on Monday when we’re all back in the office.


@PGJared what is going on? two of my posts were flagged, who on your team dislikes me so? These do not in any way violate TOS.

This is starting to look personal


Flagging is done by players on the forum, not by PG…


Hey Charger, breathe. Someone might be trolling you. Don’t let them win … Crisis will sort it out tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:


PG staff doesn’t flag stuff. We take direct action. Or I send whiny emails to Crisis.


Just to clarify, i dont make any money what so ever on the site, on the opposite, i pay the servers with my own money.
Thats about everything i wanna comment here.

Clarification on TOS rule and please change this rule with specificity and then enforce uniformly

Wow. Thanks for the love. :rose:


sandberg, please dont take offense, I love your site like i stated above. I think all the work you have put into it is amazing and would not want you to think I think ill of you or it.

But as you can see someone is trolling me and I thought it was a moderator.

Please accept my apology for using this thread to make my point. Hopefully tomorrow we find out who the heck is doing this to me and I would like to see if I can make peace with the player.

Keep up this incredible work.


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Thank you.