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Just making sure…
Was my post being ignored?



Pssst @Sandberg I made a post a while back about your site not working properly on my phone. Just wanted to say that it was indeed a problem with my phone and now that I’ve upgraded it works just fine. Thank you very much for all that you do. :grin::v::t_rex:


I will take a look orca. I am at vacation now, so it will not be i the immediate future.
I havent noticed this limit before, that storage requires farm levels. But will look at it.


Not farm levels specifically, but a certain production amount (of food/wood) per hour. I encountered it a while back only once and I think that’s how it was. :t_rex:


Ahh. Okay. Thanks will check it out.


what hellraptor says is true. i upgraded storage by boosting food production once as i had wood production had research done and food production fell short.


Can someone explain to me how the egg token combo works from Sandberg website. It shows parent 1, parent 2 child and tokens. Let say i pick one combo and breed using the exact amount of tokens from there, how many eggs will i get? Is it one only?


One only given the amount of egg tokens shown, e.g. 800 tokens for 1 green egg.


For extra eggs breeding, child doesn’t really matter, since it’s the child of the parents combination.


Tez and Zotz don’t appear to be listed as dragons yet.


If the update is after pvp start, I hope Axi as well


Because i’m wondering how Coach already has max tower at lvl 315. That means he used this combo for extra harbinger eggs for building hut😱


According the table, it’s possible even at lv 300…


I dunno i thought you must breed vanguard 1st to get extra eggs :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Lv 65 is Harb eggs I think…


Yes but you need to breed vanguard to get extra harbinger eggs. That’s why I’m wondering


You do not need to. There are multiple choices with harbinger to breed for less than 20k per extra egg.

If you are breeding vanguard you would have gotten these as part of your progress for vanguard. But you don’t need it.


20k for 1 harbinger eggs is not bad :scream: so total 80k for one builder hut upgrade. Looks like a good deal


I will not update for tez zots and axi or any other changes for the next 2 1/2 week. Been travelling all of july and will be back home in beginning of august.


Thank you for the site. I use and recommend it regularly.

Are the egg token combos static or auto-generated?

I’ve found older static lists more useful for extra red through green eggs because they include pairs you don’t list that are breedable at a lower level or without detour from my breeding path.

Consider including more or lower level options for builder/research eggs, and consider including self-breeds in the “find parents for” search results.

The self-breeds in search results are helpful if I’m using that search to find other combos for extra eggs.

A few examples: Gog + Baldr : Baldr; Ankor + Slynx : Slynx. Viscus + Pandi as an alternative to Noss + Pandi for green eggs.

Really appreciate the recent max breedable tier addition, an especially helpful feature for us lower level folks.