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Yep I mentioned this to Sandberg, his auto-generated system is nice because it’s always up to date, but it omits pairs where the offspring is the same as one of the parents. He’ll likely update it when he has time.

Not sure if it should be in the normal “find parents” list too, that would make it rather polluted. Maybe better if you can search the research-combo list to get combo’s using a specific dragon.


The way i used to do it i would search the breeding tables for the lowest rarity of a given tier, then compare all costs and check if i had the parents, if not go to the next highest cost option. It’s quite easy to do with the sites if you know what you are looking for


This is what I was trying to do when I realized Baldr didn’t come up as a parent for himself.

To Morreion’s point, I agree this would worsen the signal:noise ratio for those trying to breed a new dragon, but I suspect it will be a small increment as the lists are already full of non-options in my experience. Baldr is just one of several parents for himself that I don’t have.

Another approach: add cheapest generic $tier eggs as a search possibility on the breeding page or as the new form of the research eggs page. Show all combos with low tokens / egg cost for a given tier, ideally with some of the sort and filter features of the breeding page.


Thanks for the input. As it is now, all info is automatic generated. For the egg its simply based on the cheapest normal combo. I limited the results as for the lowest tiers there are 100s of combos.
But i see what you are saying. I will take a look at this.


For Ice Turret’s shield, is there any formula/value listed?


There is a list of shield values, based on HP, but I have no clue if its being used in game or just some leftovers.
At lvl 65 it says 3.1mill HP.

Ice turret shield vs. Storm tower shield

@Sandberg Is there a way to sort dragons by element and class? I want to see a list of all wind-type warriors but I don’t want to go through every dragon :cold_sweat: :t_rex:


Ask and you shall receive. Part of it anyway


Ahh that helps! Thank you :green_heart: Am looking to possibly replace Kirin on my perch, and I’ve got wind gear on Tanok. Looks like Quetz would be the highest option for me once I get him to breedable. Nvm I can only shove Gold dragons on my perch right now :expressionless: :t_rex:


I can say with a high degree of confidence that if you have included all runes in the game there are most definitely some that have either never been available or have not been available in years.

There are some that do some wonderful things (like increase the rage stolen by a mage super shot). But I’ve never actually seen that rune anywhere.


#MegaGasp :scream:


Any chance you could post all these unreleased runes for all of us to see? I think we’d all be really interested (and/or disappointed in their absence) :eyes: :t_rex:


Just like Amoeba’s site, the dragon stats in Dragon Manager aren’t accurate either. The only things accurate are the player level required(den level and storage level too), the food needed, and the XP needed. Hopefully this issue gets addressed or someone explain to me how I’m wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, was wondering if we may get primarch stats? Thanks!


1 word: research.

The values in amoeba and dragon manager are preresearch. You have to add the research you have and then multiply it to the base values.


You mean like the one in my vault?

Primarch Leveling Information


Not hating but wouldn’t it be cool if there was a site where that was already done for you? Anyway thanks for that.


Each player unlock his/her own research, so putting all in one table is just …

Also, AP get affected by runes as well.

Anyway, use Mechengg’s tools.


What is not correct. You may be misinterpreting the information. He is pulling the data directly from the game data. Same as Amoeba did

Things which change like tower or dragon hp/attack will be altered by research riders, runes, etc. they show the base values here only.


thanks mech!