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For what you are asking, you would have to fill in which all researches are done, which runes are equipped and how much rider and gear boost give.
Definitely workable, but it will have lot more of data that we have to fill in … Makes things much more complicated .


Could add fields for runes, research, perch etc. Like i did for buildings. But doubt many would use it.


I dont have the data for atlas stuff. Only rider info is in the games data files. Or could be because my alt i pull data from, does not have atlas access.


Almost all atlas data is downloaded/cached at first logon into atlas.


More than you think would probably use it. But you could probably do something simpler and just ask for the values displayed for a specific tower and figure out the percent increase in effect. It would be a lot of work to select all things in effect.


True. Thats a great idea :slight_smile: as its linear i only need one value from a base


Updated with some bugfixes. Like level requirements for farms/mills and some spellnames for e.g. axi.


Is the amount of Bar in the spell list shows the amount of rage?

If so, then some are not correct

HB needs 1, while roar needs 2


That’s the level the dragon gains the spell


Not the number, but the amount of bar/block for each spell


There are two blocks for spells that switch between two modes, mostly because some can switch color in different modes. For example Apo: https://www.dragon-manager.com/dragon/T8C4SDdragon


The numbers are the level where the dragon aquires that spell. The ragebars are not listed anywhere.
I will look into calculating it, as its stated in some other format.


Updated the site with the new XP levels and the new balancing of season dragons spells and power.


Updated the site with the first batch of the new Duskfall Season dragons.


Can you help me translating rune id into proper rune name?


Yes. Is is broken on the site or ? I didnt check runes before releasing.


Updated with lvl 70 tower stats.


Zoom zoom - speedy Sandy


They’re in there, in the orange dragon pile.


Just saw it … thanks for helping a blind :smiley: