Dragon Manager (Info Site)


I will make an option to show dragons in their final tier, or the tier where they are hatched. This is a common request, and it even confuses my self sometimes.


Would it be possible to put all dragons with multiple tiers in their own “divine” group? I think that’s what most people are effectively looking for anyway.


You mean, making a virtual “Season tier”, and show all season dragons there ? could also work. And easier for me to do :slight_smile:


Yep, exactly what I mean! Or maybe ‘Evolving’ to cover exceptions like Ember and Ochre as well.


Anything to make orange tier less cluttered :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’d love both versions :grin:
A Seasonal Tier view would be very similar to the Divine tab ingame that we got used to already.
Additionally being able to sort them by their max tier would solve the ever growing orange tier pile.


@Sandberg , Dragon’s Den data hasn’t been updated?
It’s listed that Pathox requires lv 90 Den, while the data hasn’t been there.


Its for the last levels. Above lvl 55 is for when mythic vanguards are released. That data may change anyway. The lvl cap is most likely wrong


Site has been updated with mythic vanguards. Stats and breed pairs etc (lots of back breeds).

NOTE: Building scaling has been implemented now. Only valid for attack towers and perches

NOTE: Token scaling has not been implemented yet. Should be out during today i hope


Hi @Sandberg wanted to say love the site. Use it all the time. Would it be possible to organize the tier dragons by their rarity, i.e. Common, Rare, Epic, etc… Although at higher tiers it is easier to tell Legendaries from Mythics, on lowers tiers it makes it harder. :slight_smile:
Greatly appreciated for the site. Without it I know many would be lost, me included.



I will add it to my backlog of things to do :slight_smile:


Since there is a difference amount between transfer to player and transfer to bank, Is there any list for it? (idk if it’s bound to base level or storage level.)


Its a big mix of storage, player levels and infrastructure levels.


Hello, do the storage hut levels still require adjustments for the tower requirements or will they remain the same? The storage level required shows 59 for the dark flak but a much lower level storage hut can meet the wood needed. :grimacing:



I’ve asked very nicely for a hard cap player level for tower levels so that they stay as previous (aka you are limited by player level as a third gate, rather than simply building hut and storage which were the two previous mechanisms).

I hope that they consider this and implement it ASAP so that they don’t entirely wreck the middle balance of the game :slight_smile:


Is it really gonna wreck it?

The XP you get will force your level up. So, what would be the “most wrecked” things could get?


The storage hut builds are huge time sucks. I appreciate the extra breathing room which allows the timers to be allocated elsewhere.

Edit: It will be exciting to leap from level 43 to leve 49 flaks in the next build event.


Be a rough transition from the discounted towers and low storage needed to reality at 56-70 towers.


I think so :slight_smile:

As a completely random example from “midgame” Imagine a L181 player who has followed a base building guide from an early level. This is probably feasible with that level vs amount of time that some of these optimization guides have been out.
If this player has done their Icicle breed (which really isn’t that hard to do) he is stuck with L45 towers due to storage level. Now if you take away that cap, all of a sudden this player can build up to L52 towers.

  • That is each tower being 95% more powerful than previous.
  • Then add in the 80%/80% or higher gear that can be equipped
  • Then add in the rider stats


This player now has (albeit at a niche super base defense level) towers that are magnitudes higher in attack and defense than was originally intended by the game.


But what level would the player be after doing these upgrades?

So far, everyone who has made the argument has found that the XP from those towers significantly increases their level.