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IOW, at level 181, each of those tower levels is about a base level all by itself. So, the player would not be 181 and have level 52 towers.


Starting at L181.
They would gain ~1 level per tower level.
So would end up being L195 with two L52 towers (for example) compared to the old minimum of L217 (219 with the two builds from 51 to 52)

That is still 24 levels different for the same tower levels.
That is huge.
I’ve run the majority of my game with towers capped and i’ll tell you that it’s a big deal.
Literally since L43 or something.


It may be that PG needs to change the meta so that you don’t have to attack 100 levels above you for max rewards.

It is kinda silly, to think that you ought to beat bases so far above you that they cannot even bother to revenge you because you are worthless to them as a target, is it not?

52s are supposed to be for what tier dragons?

And at what level can you get that tier?


Exception to the much stronger than you if you are at the level to get endgame dragons… Obviously.



Must be me since I don’t understand the biggie. Players leveling faster than before, ain’t that the point of the change? :woman_shrugging:


What do the percentages represent under each dragon class on the perch pages? E.g. Warrior at perch level 44 is 36.64%. 36.64% of what? I did a brief search of this topic but couldn’t find where it was mentioned.


I got the reverse :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Still, I’d prefer that the food/wood isn’t nerfed, since it gives less event points/level (as I believe that many players intentionally stop building after reaching certain level).

Has anyone managed to break the exp reward calculation?


Nice Orca :muscle:


I think it is a percent of the dragon’s base attack value.


Well, I think Mech may have gotten what he wanted.

Oh well.


When I get big, I’m going to smear my dragons butt on Mech’s base :rage:


Good luck. He’s got a solid base.


I’ll make sure to do it when he’s online then :sunglasses:


I guess she could spray her dragon’s blood as it died a horrible and vicious death due to expertly constructed towers instead :joy:


I’ll do a Doctor Strange on his base. He’ll cry uncle cause he’s tired the nonstop defend banners. :speak_no_evil:


What are you gonna do? Bleed on him?



Tis but a scratch :rofl:


Nope. Ember his ass …


Looks down at missing arms and legs

…Alright, we’ll call it a draw.