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Thanks @Vixen … I was calculating storage levels before applying the scaling. I made a fix for this, and will put it online in an hour or so.


Perhaps waiting for a bit is good.


I saw that, but they would have do that based on den levels or something. Unless they plan on changing the storage level capacity.
Anyway thanks :slight_smile: , I will check what’s changed in the update also.


Awesome :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Added Duskfall Wave 2 dragons (Aristrat and Prospero).


Thank you Sandberg.
Just an idea, but have you given a thought about having rider stats in your website? with skill tree tweaking kinda :sweat_smile: maybe i’m asking too much


Yeah. I did think about it :slight_smile:


First - Thank you @Sandberg :beers:

Now for my dumb question:

When did the elemental ember cost for the various flaks decrease? It seems a little while ago I made a spreadsheet calculating how many embers it would take to get a new flak to it’s max level for my base (I think it was 52 at the time, because I stopped the ember calcs at level 51. I am revisiting it after opening a bunch of chests, and added to the tower levels - I noticed that starting at level 41, the ember cost decreased significantly from what I had recorded from the site…

It’s great news - just wanted to make sure this is a legit thing, since I missed it if it was announced.

Thanks again!


roughly 25d ago


It’s updated in my fort planner as well :slight_smile:


Thanks Rulithians :beers:


Updated the site with:

  • Level 75 towers
  • Somnus festive dragon.


Fast work. Thank you!


Could you please double check this for me?
I think it may be a drag & drop error



or maybe PG made error :see_no_evil: since he crawls data


Very possible, but still inquiring :slight_smile:


Data files says 5601/5603 for the last 3 pearl costs yes. So that’s the cost currently, unless its changed before fort event starts.


@PGCrisis would you mind double checking that the +1 increase is intended vs accidental?


Thanks for checking. Must be on PG’s side lol
Thanks Lutrus for tagging Crisis in


Or it could not be pointed out and not increase by an extra 200 each time? :see_no_evil: