Dragon Manager (Info Site)


They did intentionally to screw my black pearls post


Added required farm/mill levels needed for upgrading storage building. Was requested by lots of people.


Added a new virtual tier, which contains all seasonal dragons. This should make it easier to find season dragons, without having to scroll and know in which tier they start in. Plus, all non breedable dragons has been removed from the breeding page.


Very nice! Thank you!


Site is looking really clean, and it’s very intuitive and easy to navigate. Well done sir, and thanks very much!


Added information about rage-cost for spells, when looking at the dragons. Please let me know, if something is fishy. The datafile for spells are really a mess, and I can imagine why they mess up in this area so often.


like the rage cost addition, quite helpful


Hey @Sandberg, what’s a Bone Dragon? :thinking: :t_rex:


Cant say here. May be minors present :rofl:

Dunno. Its been in the datafiles always. I dont make any manual changes, so its just sitting there :slight_smile:


Oh, how interesting. A mystery! :smiley: :t_rex:


@Prometheus /poke poke/ You’re the data guy, would you happen to know what this is? I have an unquenchable curiosity. :t_rex:


The great bone dragon!*

Iirc, without looking again, it is actually the dragon that attacks you as part of the tutorial.

You thought it was Frigg, but it’s not.

  • said in the voice of Mushu from Mulan.


Ooh, now I want to go through the tutorial just to see it :crazy_face: Thanks! :t_rex:


It looks exactly like Frigg, but it’s the only time that dragon is used (now). Perhaps originally it had other appearances. I wasn’t here that early.


Thank you for sharing this interesting tidbit :wink:


Hm, it’s not showing a token cost for backbreeds only here?

Much :green_heart: for the site


Its because you search for parents. Search for children


I have a really hard time getting to the gameinfo submenu items on mobile (Android). Any chance you could tweak how that menu works?

Usually I tap on gameinfo and the items appear but when I tap an item they either disappear and/or do nothing. Once today I got to token combos though. (Was trying to get level info. :joy:)
Then I Google to try to get a direct link to the subpage I want.


Its a UI framework I use, so as suck I can’t change the behaviour. But I can check if there are any bugs reported on the framework for this. or else I can report one.

Did you try to zoom in before opening menu ? to make sure you hit the right item, and press a bit longer than a quick tap.


Open in new tab should work