Dragon Manager (Info Site)


maybe show them just like other stuff? instead of submenu under game info?
i believe it might not clutter it too much


Perhaps making it collapsible instead of pop up


I can try out another way to show things. worst case I can make it a subpage, with links on.


Try tapping further to the right in the whitespace, worked for me.


Doesn’t really work with Player Level Information :expressionless:



Need to hold a bit in order to success…


I did a fix for now, basically unfolding the mobile menu. Could you check if it works on you device, please. I don’t have any Android device near me atm. So just tested on iOS and a few desktop browsers.



looks perfect :heart_eyes:


It works great! Awesome, thank you!


Fixed the initial required player level for building each of the different towers.
Also fixed an error, which showed incorrect storage level requirements for some dragon levels, due to scaling etc.



  • BETA: Support for riders. With all stats for levelling (shards, GP etc) and skill tree, with stats for skills and skill points required. Please provide feedback here or via mail.
  • Added a weekly raffle page, where you can win an in-game pack every week.


:eyes: An excuse to visit your site even more than I already do?


You must have stolen entry 3 from me!



Yes the raffle is a retention page :slight_smile:


Its amazing.
I have a stupid idea , and like always i ask too much :sweat_smile:

In rider page, is it possible to create a interactive interface where total skill points are available and can be filled in different nodes and the final rider stats are shown?


Do you disqualify people for multiple entries? :wink:


Being the honest guy I am, I didn’t even TRY to enter more than once…



Or does he consider them really retained?


You cant enter more than once @mechengg :slight_smile: it will overwrite the older entry :slight_smile:


I will add interactivity yes, so you can plan skills. Based on available skillpoints etc. so you better can choose before making expensive mistakes in game.

Also will update the ux/design. But wanted to get feedback early.