Dragon Manager (Info Site)


Thank you that would be amazing. I don’t need to create spreadsheet for teammates anymore.
goes back to become lazy again


I love the rider page! The raffle is cool too. Thanks for this. :grin:


*Added a calculator, which pr building can tell how many timers and rss are required, to build a tower from one level to another.

You can enter your current build reduction also. See image.


Wow !! Great!! Thank you!


Now you’re adding stuff I didn’t even know I wanted, but as of now, cannot live without. Thank you!


Has the requirements for the storage hut changed? My farm levels were in the 44s when I started my storage upgrade to leve 60 last fort event …


Perhaps the condition is satisfied by production boost? :man_shrugging:t3:


Yep, this is.
What limiting storage isn’t farm/mills, but production.


I now have to use boosts just so that my perch dragon can have enough to eat


Note. There was an error in the weekly draw. That caused it to select a new winner when i rebooted the server. The correct winner is PurpleFire from TheEmpire.

Will fix it later today.


noooo! It has to be me!!! :sneezing_face::confounded:


Money goes to money…



an old albanian quote :stuck_out_tongue:


No winterjol yet?


There are some issues with datafiles that i need to fix first. Should be there today. Or in some hours.


Should be there now. Let me know is something isn’t working, as I had to do a few manual changes, to make everything work with the 4.92 datafiles.


Have the green egg-token combos changed? I finally have some extra egg tokens and was going to get back into research, but I don’t have Cryzan or Chthoteuthis. Seems like I used to breed green eggs though. I feel like I’m missing something. :stuck_out_tongue:


that is not all inclusive list. There are other combos as well.

Green = Ith + Pandi


There are two flaws with that list on dragon manager. It only contains breeds where the child is not one of the parents, and it only shows 5 random breeds. If you look at parents for Nassus or Garzev you’ll find a lot more already, but will still miss things.

Ith + Pandi seems pretty bad though? 15% gold results, and some expensive dragons as well. Assuming dragon manager has the correct results for that one.


Yes it doesnt list all combos. There are hundreds of combos for the lower tiers. I could increase to 10 pairs or so. But showing all would be a massive mess imo.

And yes it skips breeds where the parent are the offspring, its a flaw from the breedpage which is used. I will fix this. Hopefully before breed event starts.