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Perhaps list the five with the lowest-tier parents first? So green parents before gold parents.

Or maybe even a “show all” button for those who do want to see all of the hundreds.


Did a quick first fix for the research egg-combos. So it takes all options into account. At least for platinum and sapphire it seems to work, with cheaper combos than before. Besides, I also increased the max number to 10 combos also.

The way it works, is that it takes the cheapest combos, and takes the max 10 combos, which is max 10% more expensive.

Let me know if something is not working or looks fishy, I am tired :slight_smile:


Nice one, thanks Sandberg!

For orange, I used to use Ankor + Slynx => Slynx for 21 tokens. I didn’t find that one in the list despite orange only having 3 options, two of which are also 21 tokens. Is it a rounding thing, or is the algorithm missing an option?


Yes, I think its rounding somehow. I will look at that. Its most likely due to the token count being, so low, so that the percentage I use is irrelevant. I may remove that, and just show 10 pairs pr tier. That gives more options pr player, and downside is only a bit more scrolling.


Thank you for my prize.



@Sandberg the page for storage hut shows a minimum farm level. That’s inaccurate as there is no farm limiter at higher levels and some of those farm levels look awfully wrong anyway.


Ooh that’s useful to know. I took them as gospel for my building plan and assumed I couldn’t push my storage past 79 without spare harbinger eggs. Is there no limitation on building storage at all then?

edit: I guess the level column still applies so still a limit, just a bit higher


I have never encountered any farm limit. In any case those numbers are plain wrong as I’m aleady in the 80+ storage hut and level 60 farms only.


@Sandberg, just asking.
Have you made sure that you multiply the farm production by 2? :eyes:


As I recall the farm levels are based on rss production rates. And those are affected by riders, runes, research etc etc


@Grumpybigbird what are your production rates for your mills. I can verify that against the requirements for the storage.

Level 60 mills, produces 18070 pr hour. Quite sure yours are lot higher due to research etc.


I guess it depends on whether all the bonus production counts or not.

My level 50 farms show 13.3k (+13.8k) / hour. The first number exactly matches the listing on dragon-manager. The second part is, I presume, the bonus from elite, rider, runes, and research. During events it also includes the event boost.

If I click on the info button at the bottom it tells me the “Harvest Hourly Rate” is 19.9k. I have no idea where that number comes from.

If I remove my rider, the number at the bottom drops to “13.3k (+11.4k) / hour”. The Harvest Hourly Rate in the popup remains unchanged at 19,9k, so the rider isn’t a factor in that one.


I can verify these with lower level accounts, which I have without any research, riders and runes on. And the numbers matches fine.
But as your level and additional boosts increase, the numbers will not match. Only way to fix this is to allow to enter current farm level and rss rate.



yeah, and food/ wood boosts also let you bypass the limit :joy: i did that on my mini before


Well, I mean something strange…

Lumber mill


How is this possible?


Thats a good case @OrcaFrost … thanks. I will dig into these numbers later.

The thing with buildings and levelling is that its all related and mixed into each other. No wonder all stats in game is all different, depending where you look.


I guess from a practical point of view, if you’re not terribly behind on your breeding and max your farms, the production cap won’t ever be an issue. Good enough for my current planning :grin:


this issue is mostly prevalent before lev 84. I don’t think i ever had issue after that.


Same here, I was mostly wondering if it came back at level 246. Because the listing on dragon manager shows level 64 are needed for storage lvl 80, and those farms require harbinger eggs. But from what I gather from Grumpy that’s not actually an issue with the research etc. we have at that point.


If sandberg is right and there’s a farm production limiter even at higher levels (why should I expect any different I suppose) then the game is basically putting a multi stage gate into levelling. You will NEED to do research or you cannot level.

That is interesting.

Anyway just pointing out that the farm levels on the storage hut page looks so wrong lol. As Morreion pointed out level 64 farms need harb eggs. But I’m already at level 80+ storage hut, which is required for level 56 towers.