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Pretty sure level 56 towers “just” need a lvl 76 storage. But you do need a lvl 84 storage for level 60 towers, which should still be possible without Harbinger eggs.


You’re probably right :joy: I never checked just kept levelling it up as much as I could.


I don’t think so. My storage was 82 when I hit L60s
83 for 61+


Updated (Sorry for the slow updates, I just don’t have much time atm):

  • Added the second batch of winterjol season dragons.
  • Added new Winterjól riders.


I need a carton of 12 hour and another of 24 hour timer speedups.


A carton ? I dont get that ?


In the world of cigarettes there are 10 packs in a carton. Maybe wants 10 each? Not sure


Sandberg for president :tada:

Guessing it’s either random or wanting to win the raffle :stuck_out_tongue:


:scream: Just remembered that I put in my old team name despite have moved to Gold V :sweat_smile:


I think he said if you enter twice it over-writes your previous entry. So assuming your name is the same, just enter again


Yep. I put another entry. Also, team name is optional I think


A whole lot of alot multiply by 2.


Yeah, timer speedups could be stored in cartons for ease of handling


Meaning me?


Update to new Empyrean tier.

NOTE: This may change before event starts. So check again before going into breeding frenzy

  • Added empyrean tier, legend dragons.
  • New tower levels (castle, incubator and den).
  • New back breeds for Vanguard Mythics.


Awesome! Not that I’m anywhere near these new dragons :laughing: thanks again for your fantastic website :hugs:


:wave: XPSum got shifted down a row, wasn’t sure if that was expected?



Doesn’t it work as intended now?


Sandberg’s site, so it’s up to him :stuck_out_tongue:, just seeing if I should update the formulas/old data.


I shifted it a some point, as many were requesting it. But its a 50/50 on what people find most logic :rofl: