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I guess it’s a little weird that the XP and XPSUM don’t line up. As for the XP itself, having 0 at the start or end can work I suppose. It’s either the “XP needed to reach this level” or “XP needed to leave this level and go to the next”.

I do think the dragons are now a little inconsistent with building though. For example, if I look at the line for a level 15 archer I see the lumber needed to get to level 15 from level 14. But if I look at the line for a level 15 dragon I see the xp needed to leave level 15 and get to level 16.

But tbh I’m just glad to have easy access the data and will happily take it in either format :grin:




Very nice work, I have played a long time and I did not start using a breeding path until I was 2/3 of the way to my level. A lot of people will benefit from the time and energy that you have invested into this guide. Thank you. Missybop


But great Sites Nevertheless.


My comment was responding to a deleted comment, so I’m not sure what sites you have in mind. I love dragon manager. I’ve started answering people’s questions with “that’s a dragon manager question”.


@Sandberg update please…


Will do in some 6-7h when I am back home.


Finally done :slight_smile: … Haven’t had time to check everything, so please let me know here, if something is fishy or not working.

@OrcaFrost @forScience


Finally found time to update the site, with the spring blossom dragons and riders etc.


goes to play with rider skills


Hi, firstly want to say how fantastic and useful your site is. Much appreciated.

My question relates to the Building information for the Storage Hut which currently shows a MIN FARM LEVELS requirement.

Is this still correct? Reason I ask is that I have upgraded my Storage to level 80 and my farms are only level 60, whilst your table shows a min farm level of 64.

This may have changed with recent dragon balancing, as you need to get Harbinger Eggs to upgrade the Builder Hut, and need to be level 300 to get them, thus making a high farm/builder hut requirement contradictory to allowing the Incubator to level up (requiring Storage Hut 81).

Thanks again… just thought I’d ask whether this column was incorrect (or needed updating)


Excited for my new level 38.99 Ice flak this event :heart_eyes:




With the lack of embers, it would soon be good to be able to do partial upgrades :slight_smile:


20-Mar-2019: New tower levels

  • Added lvl 76-80 towers and builder hut.


Awesome work as always :+1:t3: I absolutely love your site :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Arelyna. Fire and Ice Turrets… :rofl:



Yeah was going through updating the planner and came across this just now…


There’ll be lots of high levels asking for those points…:rofl:


Who has lv75 ice and fire tho :sweat_smile: